What Is Considered A Mid-Handicap In Golf?

One of the most common questions among golfers is, “what is considered a mid-handicap in golf?”

Before diving deep into that, you should know that, in the game of golf, handicapping is used to tell how good a golfer is at golf.

For instance, players fall under the high handicapper category; they are beginners or play golf. Speaking about the low handicap golfers, they are known for winning tournaments by shooting low scores. 

The mid handicappers are considered middle-range players.

Keep reading to know more about this category and understand whether you fit into the mid-handicap category.

What Do You Mean By A Mid-Handicapper?

What Is Considered A Mid-Handicap In Golf

Speaking about mid handicappers, they are golfers with a handicap ranging from 11 to 20. In general, mid handicappers can shoot between 80 to 94. They can break 90 in every round.

Even though, as a mid handicapper, you can shoot in the 80 to 94 range, it is crucial to keep in mind that your handicap score will not be considered as your actual score. Instead, your handicap level only determines your potential as a golfer.

It may be noted that the mid-handicap category makes up the most significant percentage of golfers. 

It is good for you as you can access the best game improvement irons and equipment to improve your game.

If you’re wondering what the best golf clubs for mid-handicapper are, check out our articles below:

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Percentage Of Mid-Handicap Golfers

If you are a mid-handicap golfer, don’t worry, as you are in a good stage. According to some data, around 38 percent of golf players shoot in single digits. 

On the other hand, golfers with 20 handicaps comprise more than 20 percent of all golf players. 

That means more than 40 percent of all golfers fall under mid-handicap golfers. But, again, it is based on the data provided by the USGA.

Here are the statistical differences between a scratch golfer and a PGA tour player.

5 Different Types Of Equipment For A Mid Handicapper

As mid-handicap golfers always try to become low handicap golfers, they should use golf equipment and tools to offer better forgiveness and performance.


You can use a driver based on your personal preferences. However, experts suggest going for a driver with around 10.5 degrees of loft. 

Keeping the golf ball on the fairway will be difficult as you don’t have to think much about carrying distance. Find out the best golf drivers for mid handicappers.


Mid handicapper should use game improvement irons. Besides, they can also use cavity back irons for casual matches. 

Why? Such irons come with an improved sweet spot on the golf club face to offer you consistent distance every time you hit the ball. 

You can easily find the best mid handicap irons online and use them to become a better golfer. Find out the best golf irons for mid handicappers.


Well, mid-handicap golfers can use a wedge that comes with a highly optimized center of gravity to assist them in getting under the ball.


You can choose from different styles of putters. However, as a mid-handicap golfer, you should avoid the blade putters. These are designed for professional golfers. 

The mid handicapper may use peripheral weighted putters to enjoy good forgiveness on the course. On the other hand, high handicappers use a mallet putter.

Golf Balls

A golf ball on the green

It is advisable to use forgiving balls. Golf balls like Taylormade TP5x and Titleist Pro V1 are incredible to strike. You can easily attain better ball speed.

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Best Irons For A Mid-Handicap Golfer

The latest and most advanced technology in the golf clubs has made the clubs easier to hit. You can choose the best golf irons from cavity back, large head to compact mid handicap irons, and easily hit the green for a better score. 

A good handicappers iron should:

  • The irons should have an offset hosel to allow the players to enjoy a straighter ball flight.
  • It contains, at the longest, a 5 iron and can go through a sand wedge or pitching wedge.
  • They should be cavity-backed to give the golfers a wider sweet spot on the clubface.
  • They should come with perimeter weighting for a more prominent sweet spot.

Nowadays, most sets don’t come with a 4 iron or a 3 iron. These clubs are challenging to hit and are getting replaced by fairway wood and hybrids.

Some of the best irons for mid-handicappers that you can use are:

Are Forged Irons Good For Mid Handicap Golfers?

Most of the irons developed for mid-handicap players and high handicappers are cast as casting allows for smooth medication and incorporation of designs required to create forging golf irons. 

On the other hand, forged irons come with simple techniques and can be made in a muscle-back or blade shape. Even though forging is difficult and expensive, it can lead to superior results.

See also Forged Irons vs. Blades.

Tips To Become A Low Handicapper From A Mid Handicapper

You can follow some tips and tricks if you are currently under the mid-handicap category and want to become a low handicapper.

For example, you should practice more. Play golf consistently and work on your swing speed and driving range. Besides, it would help if you were very confident about your skills and abilities in this journey. 

Furthermore, you need to understand course management. What’s more? As described above, you need to use the right golf equipment to improve your game. 

Golf experts also suggest spending time with golf professionals to identify your mistakes.

See also How to get better at golf without lessons.

Final Words

A mid handicapper is in a good position compared to a high handicapper. They can take advantage of their scoring ability to build off of it. Besides, they can quickly become low handicap golfers. 

What’s more? If you are a mid-handicap golfer, you can also take advantage of some of the best mid-handicap irons and other available equipment.

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