What Is An Attack Wedge In Golf? What Is It Used For?

Attack wedges also called the approach wedges, come with a perfect loft between the pitching and sand wedge. The majority of golfers call this a gap wedge. 

It’s a 47 to 54 degrees wedge designed to fill the gap created by lower-lofted wedges. But should you use it? 

What is an attack wedge in golf? What are the benefits of using an attack wedge? 

Here is a detailed discussion on attack or gap wedges that will help you explore more about them. 

What Is An Attack Wedge In Golf, And What Does It Mean?

Approach Wedges

The primary purpose of an attack wedge is to bridge the yardage gap between your sand wedge and pitching wedge. 

When the loft of the sand wedge remains in the 50s and pitching wedge lofts go down to the 40s, it is advisable to use an attack wedge. 

Due to its amazing versatility, you can use it for any type of shot on the golf course. So whether you are a professional golfer or a beginner, you should carry this in your golf bag

Exploring The Loft Of Some Popular Approach Wedges

Iron lofts have changed a lot, and you will find many similarities between a 7-iron and a 5-iron. Changes in the shaft and club head technology have made the irons have a lower loft. 

The same goes for wedges; they have a loft between 50 degrees to 54 degrees. Nowadays, the wedge can range between 47 to 52 degrees based on the manufacturers. 

For example:

It is crucial to understand that wedge lofts differ in their functionality. And that’s why different golf players have different experiences with wedge lofts. 

While these models are considered game-improvement irons, the lower lofts models are perfect for professional golfers. 

Can It Help In Your Game?

Instead of attempting a full power swing, you need to maintain perfect accuracy using your sand wedges to score well. 

You can use an attack wedge to have a well-controlled swing and achieve sufficient height to make the ball hit the ground softly. 

Compare To A Pitching Wedge And Sand Wedge; An Attack Wedge Offers Impressive Benefits

An attack wedge can be a powerful weapon for any golfer looking to add an extra edge to their game. Here are the points:

  • The attack or approach wedges are a hybrid club that players can use to hit the golf balls on the sand and the fairway while maintaining better control. It works much better than pitching and sand wedges. 
  • These wedges come with a deep face. As a result, they are more forgiving of golfers who lack good swing mechanics. 
  • Golfers use an attack wedge when they put and make chip shots.
  • It is easier to hit with an attack wedge than a traditional wedge. All thanks to its unique shape. 

The Distance Range For An Attack Wedge

As per the experts, the distance of an attack wedge can range from around 55 yards to about 118 yards. However, some factors that affect the wedge yardage are golf ball weight, the speed of the clubhead during the time of impact, club loft, and more. 

Experts suggest trying out multiple attack wedges with different approach wedge lofts to understand which one works best. 

However, pitching wedges are a perfect club for your shots with better control and spin, and it covers more distance than a sand wedge. 

Do You Need Gap Wedges?

Do You Need Gap Wedges

Now you know what an attack wedge in golf is, let’s understand should you use it or not. Even though the game of golf is very complicated, the trick for consistent bunker or chipping is to simplify your swing mechanics.

If golfers find they are over-hitting their pitching or sand wedge to produce the necessary power but don’t have better control, they should try the attack wedge. 

You can use this in different situations. Using an attack wedge for putting, pitching, and chipping is a significant advantage. Don’t feel low if you cannot make these shots properly, as now you can use an attack wedge to get it done. 

On the other hand, these are perfect clubs for the golfers facing issues with the short game. Senior golfers also benefit from this as the club requires less wrist action. In addition, they can give it a try for hooking and slicing. 

What’s more? Some professional golfers use this for longer shots. While offering more control on the trajectory allows them to attain extra distance. Besides, there will be less backspin. 

Experts suggest carrying different wedges in your golf bag to deal with different situations. 

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Some Useful Tips For Buying An Attack Or Gap Wedge

The first and the most important thing you need to consider while buying approach wedges is the loft wedges you have in the current wedges. 

You need to carefully check your sand wedge and pitching wedge, as you need to buy a gap wedge that can split the difference.

In some golf clubs, you can find the wedge’s loft printed on it in some golf clubs in some golf clubs. 

Besides, you can carry out an online search to know the specs of your iron models to understand the loft of pitching wedges. A local golf store may use a lie and loft machine to find this out. 

Once you find your wedge, you need to understand how far you prefer to hit your lob and sand wedges

For example, if the sand wedges are around 54 degrees and you prefer to hit about 70 yards, you need to look for an approach wedge with 49 degrees. This will help you cover approximately 90 yards of yardage gap. 

Make sure that the approach wedges that you want to buy match your existing set of wedges so that you can enjoy the game. 

Happy Golfing!

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