What Is A Shamble In Golf? Explained

What is a shamble in golf? Well, this is the most common question among the new golfers. 

In the game of golf, the formats of a team can come in different sizes and shapes. And everyone is carefully designed to adapt to the abilities and skill levels of the players. 

But there is a format that is not as popular as the best ball formats or scramble format. That is called the shamble golf format. So, what is a shamble format in golf?

 Let’s discuss this in detail.

A Shamble? What Is A Shamble In Golf Course? 

What Is A Shamble In Golf

In simple words, this is one type of team format in the game of gold where only the team’s best driver is chosen on every hole. 

And then every golfer plays the balls until the ball is hit. After that, based on the current game rules, the team’s score will be calculated considering the team’s best 1 to 4 scores. 

A shamble team may include two to four golfers. As the game format requires every player to finish their respective golf ball, this format is not ideal for new golfers. 

However, the players who want to try something different from the best ball formats and scramble formats can give it a try. 

Number Of Drivers That Every Player Can Use

Most shamble tournament formats require each player to choose at least two drivers throughout the course. It may look normal, but this can even out a group and make things easier for players. 

If a golfer is good at what he is doing, he may like to continue using that particular drive for every hole. This can be an unfair advantage for that team. 

Understanding The Par Requirements

Some match organizers may make the tournament challenging for the teams, requiring every player to play their ball on a par 3. 

Besides, in some cases, they may have the golfers play their ball for some rounds, and then they need to switch to playing from the best golf shot. 

All such rules can be very confusing for the players and generally work for smaller groups. However, the par requirements can affect the gameplay of shamble golf. 

3 Persons And Four Persons Golf Shamble

3 Persons Golf Shamble

Before playing a shamble tournament, it will be better for you to understand a 3-man shamble in golf and a 4-person shamble in golf.

The scoring format or system used in a shambled golf tournament is ascertained whether the team has three or four persons. 

If your team has three members, it limits the scoring format for the organizers of the tournaments. The teams can play stroke play format against others on the golf course, or they can play matches against others in their foursome. 

Most golf tournament organizers prefer that every team should compete in a stroke-play golf tournament. 

On the other hand, if the team has four persons, it will broaden the scoring format a tournament organizer can follow. This is good for a larger field where players with different skill levels and abilities are combined with increasing enjoyment levels. 

Is Shamble Format Same As The Bramble Format?

You should not get confused between a shamble golf tournament format and a bramble golf tournament format. Speaking a bramble golf game format is a variation of the scramble format, but the rules are nearly the same as the shamble format. 

Every team uses the best drive in both formats and plays their subsequent shots. They have different names, but the formats are the same. 

There is another format called scrambles. Here every player hits the tee ball and then chooses the best from the tee shots. However, shamble is quite more popular than bramble and scramble formats. 

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Comprehending The Shamble Strategy

The key to evaluating your gameplay strategy is to know everything about what is a shamble in golf and what is a two-person shamble in golf? Besides, you need to know how to score well in these formats.

You should know how many scores will be counted. Besides, find out whether it is a handicap match or a normal one. Then you need to know about the reduction percentage and the golf course’s difficulty. 

If you are playing a handicap tournament, you will have to ensure all the golfers have verified and active handicaps. A more challenging course can lead to more handicap strokes, but it can also allow you higher scores because it’s not as easy as playing a regular tournament. 

What’s more? You need to understand the balance between high and low handicappers for efficient skill diversification. 

Once you are done with assembling the team, understand every golfer’s strength and identify the right drivers off the tee shot to set players’ second shot. A perfect tee shot can bring a huge difference. 

Well, this particular golf tournament format focuses on accuracy. So, it will be good for you to have the best driver hit the tee shots first for a great location on the fairway. Hence always have the best driver and clubs. 

Scramble Golf Coach Team Driving Strategies

Scoring In A Shamble Golf Tournament

As the rules say, a shamble team with four players will complete every hole with four scores. And every player needs to point a score. 

So what will be the team score? 

As discussed above, the team’s score will depend on the tournament’s organizers. However, there are other options to consider. 

  • As per the rules, one low ball of the team’s players can be considered the team score.
  • Three low balls combined or two low balls combined.
  • Avoid the high ball and low ball and consider the middle two scores to calculate the team score. 
  • In some cases, the highest and lowest scores among the players can be the team’s score. 

It can be said that the shamble tournament formats can offer different golf scoring formats to determine the team score. The organizers’ imagination only limits the scoring here. 

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