What Does Up And Down Mean In Golf?

I wondered the same thing several times when overhearing my friends who play a lot of serious golf say it, up and down, again and again. But what does up and down mean in golf?

In this article, we shall talk about the skills you need to hone to pull off-ups and downs consistently. Expert training and lots of practice are the only way actually to bring about change in your game. 

Reading articles like these help, but only training, and that too under the guidance of experienced veterans of the sport, can change your game drastically.

We shall talk about:

  • The art of a sand escape
  • How to build your up and down game
  • Shots to employ and Equipment suggestions (Although personal preference is paramount)

So, What Does Up And Down Mean In Golf?

What Does Up And Down Mean In Golf

In layman terms, an up would generally mean a chip or a stroke to get you onto the green, depending on whether you were in a greenside bunker or just close to the green, and a consequent down, which means a single stroke to down the ball while on the green. 

This skill often saves golfers when they just miss their ever-dreaded approach.

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Bunker Escapes Or Slope Escapes

More often than not, your ball ends up in places you wouldn’t wish on anyone. Sand or gravel bunkers, water bodies, out-of-bounds, and balls getting stuck in dense woods are all the worst nightmares of budding pro golfers. 

Getting out of each is a different beast of its own and needs its own kinds of training. One of the essential skills in this toolkit is learning how to escape a bunker or navigate a terribly unfavorable slope. 

It starts with the choice of club for this arduous task ahead. A sand wedge is perfect for chipping and is often credited as the club of choice for experts stuck in bunkers. 

It can raise the ball high, and the amount of loft can be crafted by deciding and determining the distance accurately between you in the bunker and the green, depending upon whether the game is par-4 or par-5. 

Chipping and controlling your distance when close to the green is key to mastering the up and down. Restraining in power while still ensuring that the ball will catch air is the art one needs to master by constant practice. 

An easy way to perform this is to try to get at least ten balls out of a bunker every practice session without worrying about tuning the distance it will travel and just focusing on getting it airborne.

After that, more control will come slowly as getting the ball airborne from sand becomes second nature to you. Learning how to escape a mean slope also involves a similar technique of chipping with a wedge as well. 

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Improve Your Up And Down Skill

Improve Your Up And Down Skill

I learned it the hard way. Playing golf casually is fun, but as you get into the nitty-gritty of the sport, the practice and the hard work needed to increase substantially and grow exponentially over time, the deeper your interest in pursuing the sport gets. 

Here I will recommend a few training exercises that have improved my game as they cover the basics but also inadvertently teach you how to perform a good Up and Down!

In the previous section, you read about the chip shot and how to practice escaping from a bunker. If you were stuck in a greenside bunker and were a master of the chip, you would have already gotten onto the green and would be preparing your magnificent putt.

If you were on the fairway, making your approach to the green accurate while not overstepping can be difficult to grasp at first as it involves a certain amount of finesse and expertise, but I have been told that trying to shoot for the green can never be a bad idea unless you have rotten luck. 

It is best to inspect your surroundings and take note of maps and terrain markers before deciding the power and angle of your shot. You may even go as far as using a topical map (not this topical map) to attain your elevations to where the ball could go once struck.

For long shots, it is best to get a measure of the wind speed and wind direction as well, as air resistance becomes considerable over long parabolic paths, for example, when balls are hit with irons. You will eventually get better the more you play.

Now that you have the up part of up and down covered, the down part is always more nuanced. Since it is a prerequisite of the up and down to get your ball on the green, practicing the down basically involves perfecting your putt or your stroke. 

Attempting to putt shot ten balls consecutively from around the hole at a certain distance can be a good training exercise for the same. This is a skill that shall help you in golf in general.

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To Depend On The Up And Down Or Not?

While it might be surprising to see one in real life, we often see pros doing the up and down very often and very nonchalantly. This happens because the Up and Down involves two of the most essential yet the earliest learned basic skills you must learn to play golf in the first place. 

Pulling off an up and down is often employed to make par because you just missed the approach. It can often be a lifesaver since, on difficult par-4 courses, you should be able to get on to the green with two strokes with two putts in hand. 

This dream play can also turn into a nightmarish three-putt situation due to sand, water, or even stubborn slopes. An up and down is regarded as a great way to turn around a game spiraling out of control. It may also be the case that you’re well under par and still perform an up and down, like a cherry on top of a sundae. 

I have recently started playing golf and have started understanding a lot of the vernacular that floats around, which I also caught from the time when I followed pro golf. 

To be fair, I made an up and down without realizing I did, and even though I ended on a bogey, my friends congratulated me afterward, and I realized the cultural significance of the up and down. The pros do it all the time, and there is even an up and down success statistic in the official PGA tour data

If you improve your basics, you might even get on the green on your tee shot if you want! Practice makes it all possible, as I have learned and so have many people who enjoy the sport.


The up and down has become another one of those golf terms that everyone hears about, but no one exactly knows what it means. I hope this post helped you get an idea of what it means and why it is an important thing for most avid golf players.

I also hope you will practice and eventually reach the level of expertise we all desire to possess. With newer techniques being invented in the sport every day, this is one of those facets of the game that has never changed and will continue to change. 

Happy golfing!

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