Senior Flex Vs. Ladies Flex: Is Senior Flex The Same As Ladies Flex?

Senior flex vs. ladies flex – which one is better for you? Let’s find out.

A golf club’s flex is the degree to which a shaft can bend during a swing. A more flexible shaft can produce better longer-ranged shots. But choosing the most flexible shaft is not easy as a flexible shaft can offer compromised accuracy. 

You can improve your performance if you use the right flex. So, the best possible thing that you can do is get a professional evaluation to find the best-suited flex. Experts can recommend you the perfect flex after evaluating your speed and swing. 

Most golfers use a simple senior swing system to get more guidance on their swing with more independence. This system is helpful for senior golfers and guarantees longer drives. 

How Does Flex Affect Performance?

Senior Flex Vs Ladies Flex

You can create havoc on your shots if you get your shaft flex wrong. A flexible shaft can result in too many spins, causing high shots. In addition, it might also result in inconsistent shot shapes. Golfers often find it challenging to strike a ball. 

On the other hand, getting the ball in the air can become challenging if you have a stiff shaft. The stiff shaft also reduces spin on the ball. As a result, you will lose distance with such golf clubs. 

So, whether you have a stiff or flexible shaft, hitting consistent shots will be difficult with the wrong one. 

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How to Determine Your Flex 

You can visit the golf equipment store to know your correct shaft flex. This way, you can also get your swing evaluated. Depending on carry distance and swing speed, you can also choose an ideal shaft. 

Extra Stiff Flex 

You can choose extra stiff flex if your shots consistently cover 300-yard range. With the help of an extra stiff flex, you can easily achieve the desired swing speed and distance. 

A higher swing speed of 100 mph is needed to move a ball to a distance, and extra stiff flex offers it. Professional players use this flex. 

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Stiff Flex 

If your shots can cover a 250-yard range, using a stiff flex will be helpful. With a stiffer shaft flex, you can reach 95 mph consistently. Low handicappers use this kind of flex. 

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Regular Flex 

Mid handicappers use regular flex when their shot covers a range of 200 to 240 yards. It offers a swing speed between 85 to 95 mph, making it a popular choice among many golfers. 

Senior Flex 

Older male golfers use the senior flex club. In addition, golfers who drive the ball consistently in the 180 to 200-yard range use it. Players with a swing speed of 75 to 90 miles per hour use senior flex. 

Players with slower swing speeds use senior flex as it helps them gain every yard possible from the swing. 

This flex is the most forgiving golf shaft and the least stiff flex for older men. With the help of senior flex iron shafts, you can play long into the back nine of life. 

Ladies Flex 

Among the available flex, this one is the softest flex. This softer is ideal for any golfer who drives below 200 yards. Its softer flex is the most flexible shaft that helps slower swing speed get the most from their clubs. 

While the name says ladies flex, male players can also use it. You need a driver swing speed of around 70 mph for this shaft flex. 

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Senior Flex Vs. Ladies Flex

The common factor between ladies’ flex shafts and senior flex golf clubs is that slower swingers use both in the game. 

But the difference is that the ladies’ flex shaft is for lower golf swing speed players. It offers maximum flex. On the other hand, senior flex is best designed for golfers whose ladies’ shaft is too flexible. 

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What Swing Speed Should Each Use? 

A player with a golf swing speed of 72 to 83 mph must use a senior flex shaft. In contrast, players with a swing driver under 72 mph should use the ladies’ flex shaft. 

Should You Change Shaft Flex As You Age?

Senior Golfer Does Age Matter

As we age, we do not stay as energetic as before—the decrease in the energy level results in a decline in strength. In addition, our bodies also do not remain as flexible as they were before. As a result, these changes affect our performance. 

But players can offset these changes by changing shaft flex. It’s important to remember that some can maintain their body’s performance to a good level. Thus, they do not need to change the shaft flex. 

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Is Graphite Shaft Better Than Steel For Seniors?

Here are the benefits of graphite shafts:

  • Compared to steel shafts, graphite shafts are lighter. Thus, the golfer can swing a faster clubhead without trying to force the speed.
  • Players can easily launch the ball into the air using a graphite shaft. It offers them more stability, control, and little vibrations. 


Players can be easily confused as the golf market expands the types of products. But we have tried to explain the difference between senior flex and ladies flex so you can make a wise choice. 

More flexible shafts can change the way you play the game. It can bring consistency and distance to your game. Ideally, players struggling with launching their shots and slices need to focus on the flexible shaft. 

But players should consider a stiffer shaft if they have a balloon or hook shots. Very fast swingers only use extra stiff shafts. 

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