How to Tell if a Golf Cart Is Stolen? (Everything to Know)

I would hate to wake up one day to discover my golf cart is gone (but happens). What about the fear of buying a previously stolen golf cart? As a potential golf cart owner, that worries me. 

Well, how can we tell if a golf cart is stolen?

Generally, golf carts are identified by their serial number or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). With that same number, the authorities can help track down a stolen golf cart or identify if it’s stolen or not.

With that said, here is some helpful advice on how to tell if a golf cart is stolen and what you can do to avoid it

Is it easy to steal a golf cart?

A electric cart, by design, are easy to steal, and keys can be found in abundance and are easy to duplicate. (even a gas cart, for that matter)

As a result, the golf cart market has grown in numbers and popularity. With increased interest, golf carts have become a trendy focus for thieves. Not having a GPS tracker installed on your golf cart can potentially lead to theft. 

Because of their growing popularity, golf carts have become increasingly common on residential and commercial properties worldwide. However, according to research, more than 20, 000 golf carts are stolen each year.

They are being driven around communities, campgrounds, rural roads, college campuses, or other areas of traffic highways. 

How can I track my stolen golf cart?

With technology advancing significantly in recent years, golf cart tracking has been made easier. With a GPS cart tracking system, you can easily find your stolen golf cart.

A golf tracker system will track the movements of the golf cart from where ever it is located . Alerts or notifications are received in real-time on the device configured with the tracker.

Since golf carts are very easy to hot-wire and steal. The anti-theft devices that are usually included in carts may not work well sometimes; hence, golf cart theft cases are rising.

It’s a safer idea to install them with GPS tracking devices to keep track of your cart remotely.

This can simply be done with Apple AirTags.

As you will receive real-time information about the whereabouts of your asset and, at the same time, know whenever something suspicious is happening.

You can quickly notice whenever attempts to tamper with your machine prompt you to take action on time.

Where is the VIN on golf carts?

Golf carts that are not meant to be driven on roads do not need VIN numbers. This is because they need a different type of identification.

However, if you have a custom golf cart that can be driven on roads, you must get it registered and licensed in each state. To make sure your golf cart can be driven on the roads, you need the proper documentation.

Understanding the location of a VIN is vital because when servicing or repairing the cart, this number is crucial for that purpose.

However, just because there is no VIN on a golf cart doesn’t mean we can’t identify it. Golf carts also have serial numbers for easy identification.

Depending on your golf cart type, the serial numbers can be found in different places.

EZGO Golf Cart serial number location

On this cart, there are three possible locations.

  • The steering column.
  • The glove box is on the passenger side.
  • The mainframe of the cart, behind the driver’s legs.

Yamaha Golf Cart serial number location

Yamaha provides a good “find your model” feature on their website to find a number on the golf cart. Each model has an instructional diagram or a sticker indicator to illustrate where the serial numbers are located.

Club Golf Cart serial number location

The Club Car Golf cart number is on the driver’s side panel. Also, on the passenger’s side, on a small side panel near the glove box.

Do golf carts have GPS?

Golf Cart GPS tracking systems deliver real-time location information on a screen for the owner to see. It is a cost-effective and efficient way of instant communication and tracking your golf cart.

Another feature of the golf cart GPS tracking is a geo-fence. T

he technology alerts the owner when the tracker breaks a perimeter area, which is safe when tracking down a stolen golf cart.

Tips for Preventing Theft of Your Golf Cart

To help you avoid the headache, loss, and costs of tracking down a stolen golf cart, here are a few tips applicable to preventing golf cart theft.

Securely locked storage

Keep it stored securely in your garage or shed when you’re not using your golf cart.

Purchasing a storage shed may be an option for you because the cost of the shed will give you peace of your golf cart’s safety. If storage doesn’t have a locking system, use a padlock to secure it.

Use a Golf Cart Cover when not in use

Keeping your golf cart out of sight lowers the theft rate. Keeping your golf cart out of sight will reduce the chances of golf cart theft and protect it from bad weather.

So use one of these covers to protect it. 

Use a Golf Cart Anti-theft Device

Using a pedal lock or steering wheel lock can prevent theft because they cannot access the cart.

In addition, the devices make golf carts impossible to access for anyone without the key to remove the pedal or steering wheel locks.

Use a unique starter key

Another great way to prevent theft of golf carts is by installing a unique key start switch. Most electric golf cart manufacturers use the same key from one cart to another.

Therefore, you are likely to share the same key with anyone with the same golf cart as yours.

An aftermarket switch is installed so that you worry less about anyone else having the key to your golf cart.

Final Thoughts

There are lots of golf carts around and there may be a golf cart thief among you. Be smart and make the best attempt to protect your golf cart. 

After all, the best thing we can do is deter someone from taking it. If someone really wants our cart, they are likely going to take it whether we like it or not. 

Just be sure to have good insurance. 

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