How To Stop Pushing Golf Shots Right?

In golf, pushed shots are when a player contacts a ball approaching the inside of the contact line with an open clubface. It is also called a blocked shot. 

You must avoid it because it misses the target line and results in golf shot error. In pushed shots, the ball has a straight path. It does not curve and travels to the right. 

Below are five reasons that cause pushed shots. 

5 Causes Of Push Shot Golf Ball

Pushed shots in golf happen when the ball is hit on the inside part of the clubface with an open face. It is a very common mistake among golfers of all levels, and it can be extremely frustrating. Not only does it miss the target line, but it also results in a loss of distance. The good news is that there are a few simple steps you can take to fix this problem.

Reason #1: Alignment 

golf alignment

If your clubface is aligned to the right, you could be hitting a pushed golf ball. It’s the most straightforward and fundamental reason. 

When you hit push, the ball will go right and stay to the right in this situation. On the other hand, if you hit a slice, the ball will go out straight and start turning right. It happens because there is a spin on the ball. 

Between slice and push, the slice makes the ball appear to be in more trouble. For this reason, a slice is a bit hard to watch. 


The straightforward way to fix a pushed golf shot is by lining up too far to the right. Another simple fix is when your clubface is square to the path, and the alignment makes the path head towards the right. 

You can make sure that your right shoulder, hips, and feet are aligned to the right of the target line by putting some golf shafts on the ground. It’s also important to ensure that the clubface is set up square to the right of the target line. 

You can try hitting a few more shots once everything feels and looks square. Then you can compare whether you are pushing the ball as much as you did before or not. 

If you are no longer pushing, you have fixed the issue. Otherwise, you can try other solutions as well. 

Reason #2: Inside Out Golf Swing Path

 Inside Out Golf Swing Path

If you have an inside-out path in golf, it can also lead to the pushing of the golf ball. But it’s confusing because inside out is usually seen as a good thing in golf. 

Many golfers can take advantage of inside out. The clubface needs to be square to the right of the target. You will push the ball if you have taken an inside-out swing path in an open clubface. 


If you want to fix this pushing golf course, you need to see the clubface angles by evaluating your golf swing path. 

You can do this through a video. So, ask one of your friends to recording your golf swing via the head-on view and down the line.

You can also record by yourself using this portable device.

You can see your clubface’s position through the video, heading right or open. You must release the golf club a bit sooner after coming into the impact position. 

Try to give your arms plenty of time to turn over and rotate by focusing on a high finish. Fixing this cause is a bit about feeling. Thus, you can take a while to start to feel. 

You can start the release at your backswing’s top if you face difficulty doing so. 

This way, you can get plenty of time to ensure that it is square when you get to the impact position. Also, you will have time to close the clubface. 

Reason #3: Grip Pressure

Work On A Grip

Too tight grip pressure can make you push the golf ball. The clubface must rotate closed when you come into the ball. You cannot hit the golf ball straight if your club is wide open to the target line. 

If your hands are rotating, you can release the clubhead. But if you are gripping the club too hard, your hand might not rotate the way it should. 


You can fix this issue by regularly practicing light grip pressure. You will learn how the finger’s position can help keep the club in hand when you do this. Slowly, you will not grip the club tightly. 

When you lose the grip, your hand makes a natural move. As a result, you feel less stressed and swing the club perfectly. But when you grip the club too hard, you get more distance. 

It’s essential to control the club for a better golf game, but you must never hold the club too tight. You stop push shots when you make shorter swings with light grip pressure practice. 

After a while, you will understand the right way to control the club without holding it too tight. Then, you can move to a larger golf swing without ruining your performance. 

There are a few instances when golfers grip their club too hard because they need a new grip. In such a situation, you need to change the grip. 

It’s essential to change the grip regularly to hold the club lightly yet with control. You can also use a golf glove to get a similar feeling. 

Watch the helpful video below about how to hold a golf club correctly.

Reason #4: Ball Position

The ball is too far back in the stance, causing a golf push. For example, if you are a right-hand golfer, you might find the ball too close to your right foot. You will feel locked when you enter the impact in this setting. 

While you are still in the process of releasing the club, you might run out of room. As a result, you might strike the ball before it is ready. The golf ball will be left to the right, and the clubface will be open. 


Compared to other issues, the ball position is the easiest to fix. Move the ball up in your stance when you encounter such a problem. Your golf ball is almost off your front foot for a driver. 

It’s important to remember that you might hit a few pushes until you move the ball up. 

Reason #5: Grip Size 

Too large grip size can also cause an issue. If you have too large a grip size, you will push shot from time to time. 

That’s because smaller hands can’t turn over larger golf grip. However, a larger grip size won’t be an issue if you have an oversized hand. 

Grip size issues mainly occur when women play golf with a men’s grip. Also, men who wear medium to small golf sizes must have undersized golf grip. 


There’s a simple fix because many golfers overlook this similar issue with their clubs. Change your grip driver to fix this issue. 

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We assume that this guide might have helped you understand the real issues that push the shots right. 

It’s always helpful to know what is causing you to hit a poor golf shot to make your golf game less frustrating. 

Once you know the cause, you can slowly work towards making your game more fun. Unfortunately, like beginners, PGA professional players sometimes face issues related to pushed shots.

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