How To Put Backspin On A Golf Ball

You probably have seen a golfer hitting the golf at the green, and the ball spins backward when in motion. The ball then hits the ground and backs up. This technique helps golfers hit the ball beyond the hole, and then the ball spins back towards the direction of the hole. 

If you have watched professional golfers, you see how often they put a backspin on a golf ball. Every golfer would love to hit a backspin, but most do not know how to do it. It is not magic, and you can learn how to put a backspin on a golf ball.

The backspin technique is helpful when the golf ball has a green whose hole is close and right behind the sand trap. When the golf ball is in the air, you expect it to continue flying forward. However, in the backspin, the golf ball changes its direction and flies backward toward the player. As a golfer, you can learn how to do this.

When the golf ball backs up, it creates a lift, and you can hit the golf ball farther. The spin will give the golf ball more lift, enabling it to move in both directions and move higher and farther. Also, the backspin makes it easy for you to control the golf ball once it hits the ground. 

Backspin makes it easy for you to hit the golf ball on the green and let it stay there. This makes it easy for you to roll the golf into the hole without meeting any obstacles.

1. Set Up Your Spin

How To Put Backspin On A Golf Ball

Just like any other thing, to achieve a backspin, you need proper preparation. Preparation goes beyond the actual spinning of the golf ball. Setting up your spin refers to the inspection you do of your ground, golf ball, and golf club. Here are the steps to set up your spin.

Examine Your Grass

The length of the grass along your golf ball will determine if your backspin will be a success or not. You need to groom your grass and ensure it is on a level. When your grass is short, it becomes easy for you to contact the golf ball and the golf club. 

Long grass will cause resistance to your golf ball, obstructing the backspin. Backspin can be possible in the long grass. However, the chances of grass being caught between the golf ball and the golf club are high. It would be best if you hit your backspin on short and well-groomed grass.

Choose the Right Golf Ball

There are two types of regular golf balls – soft-core and hardcore balls. It is easy to create a backspin with a soft-core golf ball than with a hardcore ball. If you are learning backspin, it would be best if you use a soft-core ball. Such is because soft-core balls have more grip on the golf club, making backspin easier.

Choose the Right Golf Club

Loft clubs are the best when it comes to backspin. This is because loft golf clubs have a greater distance between the loft and the angle of attack, creating an excellent backspin effect. It will be easy to hit the golf ball and create more spins with the lofted club. 

The golf clubs with loft include iron clubs, attack wedges, or lob wedges. The lob wedge impacts backspin better than the other clubs and beginning with it will enable you to master the backspin technique quickly.

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Inspect Your Golf Club

The surface of your golf club can negatively impact your backspin if it has dirt or tufts of grass on the surface. The dirt or grass on the surface of the club will come between the golf ball and the clubhead as you hit. To avoid this, wipe your club with a wet rag and ensure you have an even surface.

Read more on how to clean your golf irons here.

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2. Creating the Backspin

Creating the Backspin

Now that you have set your ground, golf ball, and golf club, it is time to create the backspin. There are various elements you need to consider when creating backspin on a golf ball.

Positioning of the Golf Ball

Where you place the golf ball is a significant determinant of how you will create the backspin. The golf ball needs to be between your feet. The golf ball should be about 1 inch from your back foot, and you need to exert more weight on your front foot.

Club Face Angle

Please pay attention to where your clubface is pointing as it comes to contact with the golf ball. If the club is open, it will affect the sidespin, which will hamper the backspin. For the golf ball to spin backward, it needs to move forward and not sideways.

Angle of Attack

As you hold your club, you need to make sure it takes a vertical angle as it comes into contact with the golf ball. To make this possible, raise the golf club to an upright straight position before you bring it down to swing.

Swing Speed

The swing speed is the speed of the clubface as it comes into contact with the golf ball. The faster the swing speed, the greater the backspin. How you swing when creating the contact between the club head and the golf ball determines the swing speed. 

In addition, the type of club you use determines your swinging speed. Choose a club that will enable you to swing 100% and create more spin rates.

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It might seem not very easy to put a backspin on a golf ball. However, with the right tips and practice, it becomes easy. Ensure there is strong friction between the golf ball and the club head for the golf ball to spin more.

You will create friction by hitting the ball well, and grooves play a significant effect here. Ensure the grooves are clean and sharp every time before you strike the backspin.

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