Golf Cart Go, one leader in golf information and tips, has merged with The Acquisition date is September 10, 2022.

Welcome to all Dunedin Golf readers!‘s goal is to help golfers become more educated about golf carts and other general golf information. We also cover golf news, the tools needed to care and play the game of golf, in which we love. Plus give actionable tips on improving your game and ourselves a little bit at a time.

About Dunedin Golf

Dunedin Golf was the go-to resource for playing golf in the local Dunedin, Florida, USA. Providing lush greens, picturesque landscapes, and great staff.

This is a proud moment and we look forward to continuing to provide the same level of service that Dunedin Golf was providing for their customers and audience.

Chris Myles, Golfer and Owner of

About GolfCartGo.Com

Since spring of 2018, Golf Cart Go has become the hub of nearly all things related to golf carts. Everything from maintenance to routine upkeep to the very freedom that golf carts provide on our properties.

In early 2022, Golf Cart Go began covering more topics related to golf, such as clubs, bags, shoes, golf balls, apparel, and even nutrition for golfers and other insightful questions and FAQs.

You can check out our blog here.

Please join us on this journey to perfect the game we love so much and love forward to chatting with you!