Can You Play Golf In Cold Weather?

Suppose you’re wondering whether you can play golf in cold weather! Playing golf in cold weather can be pretty enjoyable if you take the necessary precautions. 

Many golfers call it a day when the sun sets early and the grass frosts. Winter golf can be fun if you see it. Clear winter mornings, quieter courses, and great deals might make you feel you’ve struck gold.

Furthermore, quitting up entirely throughout the winter is not the way to go if you want to enhance your game. 

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Let’s look at some tips and advice on preparing for playing in the winter or cold season.

8 Tips For Playing Golf In Cold Weather

Can You Play Golf In Cold Weather

Here are some tips for playing golf in the winter to ensure you’re ready to go when the new season starts.

1. Playing Golf Will Keep Body Heat Intact

Yes, it may appear self-evident, but maintaining momentum is critical at this time of year. 

If you are on the field and someone who feels a bit colder than others, involving more in the game and playing harder will make up warm, and you won’t find your limbs freezing.

After all, when the weather warms up again, you’ll be glad you took these steps to improve yourself. 

2. Ensure You’ve Dressed Appropriately For Winter Golf

You must be at ease in your clothes to perform at your best. So here are a few must-have items to help you survive the cold and stay on top of your game.

Rain Gloves

It’s critical to keep your hands warm and dry while playing winter golf. These gloves are an excellent buy because they get stiffer as they get wetter, making it much simpler to hold your clubs. 

My pick for the best golf rain gloves would be the Callaway Golf Men’s Weather Spann Premium Synthetic Golf Glove (for men) and Callaway Golf Women’s Weather Spann Premium Synthetic Golf Glove (for women). 

A Good Bottom Layer

Layers upon layers are likely to restrict your movement, especially your golf swing. You don’t want to freeze up in the cold, though. For this reason, a thin foundation layer is the way to go. 

The best options for good bottom layers are DEVOPS Men’s Thermal Long Sleeve (for men) and Under Armour Women’s ColdGear (for women).

Socks With Heat

Wearing multiple pairs of socks or a thick pair of winter socks can significantly impact your body temperature.

The best options for winter socks are Hot Feet Heated Thermal Socks (for men) and Sandsuced Merino Wool Socks (for women).

3. Have The Proper Golfing Equipment

The game of golf is hard to predict. So having a wide range of clubs and equipment in your golf bag is essential. Here are some things you can carry with you on cold days.

Use a high-visibility yellow ball — these are much simpler to notice, and certain premium model balls, such as Titleist and Srixon, are now available in yellow.

Add loft to your driver — your ball will roll less when the terrain is marshy and mushy. One can gain more carry and distance by adding loft to your driver.

Umbrella – how can we build a list of winter golf essentials without including a brolly? Umbrellas are a lifesaver. They will protect your bags while you are busy shooting your shot in rain, snow, or sleet. See umbrella’s option on Amazon.

4. Warm Up Your Golf Balls

A golf ball is said to carry two yards shorter for every 10 degrees the temperature drops. If this is the case, keep your golf balls warm on the course. Keep them as much as possible in your pocket, and put in a hand warmer for good measure.

However, the construction of some balls makes them suitable for use in cold weather. Check out our similar articles about golf balls below:

5. Utilize The Driving Range To Its Fullest Potential

golf driving range

Going out in winter, especially during the mornings, takes a lot of willpower; however, visiting a covered and occasionally heated driving range can warm you up.

Use the driving range as often as you can and establish a practice routine – don’t just smack balls around aimlessly.

Pick a target on the golf course, a red flag, or some other object, and swing your clubs to make a shot. This effective warm-up will boost confidence and generate heat in the body in the cold weather.

6. Learn From Your Mistakes

A series of lessons, whether on the driving range, in the practice area at the club, or on the deserted course, could make all the difference in your golfing fortunes next season.

If you’re unsure where to start, try a Google search for “golf lessons near me.”

7. Make Use Of A Golf Simulator

Golf simulators are an excellent way to improve your game; let’s face it, practicing indoors is more fun. Indoor simulators are excellent for driving and iron shots but not so much for putting.

If you’re serious about golf, you may invest in your simulator and practice at home. Numerous alternatives are available, ranging from the bargain SkyTrak to the state-of-the-art about Golf’s Curve.

8. Look Out For Professional Players

It’s surprising how much about golf you can learn without even swinging a club or hitting a ball. Many instructive books may strike a chord or elicit a notion that will change your game. 

If not, re-viewing golf events or watching YouTube videos on the game may help you learn new methods.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Playing Golf In Winter Hard?

Golf equipment, including clubs and balls, performs better in warmer temperatures. However, because the cold affects the flexibility of the metal in your clubs, energy transfer to the ball is less effective. The most noticeable difference is a significant loss in the distance between each club.

On A Frosty Day, Can One Play Golf?

Frost damage can emerge anywhere on the golf course, but it is more common in neatly mowed areas. Again, It is due to the fact that there is less leaf area to resist the impact on the turf, which is the surface that receives the most traffic during regular play.

In Golf, What’s A Frosty?

When there is frost on the golf course, it is postponed until the frost has melted. It is done to avoid damage to the playing field, which could be costly to restore. Frost is simply dew that has frozen and hardened on the grass.


The ball will not travel much further during the winter, so going easy on your club up is better. You’ll have a tough day if you try to hit the same shots you did during summer. 

Winter golf is a unique game that deserves to be treated as such. The game will be slightly tricky. However, the fun won’t be any less.

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