Do Golf Clubs Fit in a Porsche? (Explained)

It can be a real bummer when golf clubs can’t fit into your luxurious sports car. You want to have a day out with some friends and enjoy a competitive golf session, but unless there’s another way to take the clubs, you need to fit them into the trunk.

So, do golf clubs fit in a Porsche?

Yes, your golf clubs can fit in a Porsche, but some models may fit the clubs easier than others. Macans and Cayennes can fit golf clubs easily due to their roomy interiors. The 911 can take a couple of bags, while the Cayman and Boxter may show some resistance due to their small trunks.

Do Golf Clubs Fit in a Porsche Cayenne?

The Cayenne is Porsche’s iconic luxury SUV. Boasting an eight-speed transmission and a sporty roofline, I’d say the car basically demands attention. 

Unlike the 911 and Porsche’s smaller models, the Cayenne comes with considerable trunk space of 27.2 cubic feet. As a result, you can fit a golf bag full of clubs easily in that room, along with a pushcart.

When the seats are up, it can hold one or two bags horizontally without cramming. When the seats are folded, you can fit more than two bags, thanks to the 60.3-cubic-feet cargo space available.

Do Golf Clubs Fit in a Porsche Macan?

The Macan is on the affordable side of Porsche’s spectrum. It’s their entry-level crossover SUV, and it’s the perfect car for people who want to ride an SUV with a tang of sportiness.

Despite being a sports car, the Macan has more cargo space than your average coupe. Its trunk boasts a room of 17.2 cubic feet, which can fit golf clubs diagonally. 

You can always get more room when you fold the rear seats forward. You’ll get nearly 53 cubic feet, which is enough for two bags of golf clubs. If you’re carrying your clubs without a bag, you can fit plenty of them in that room.

Do Golf Clubs Fit in a Porsche Panamera?

The Panamera is Porsche’s gift to those who want to ride sports cars without sacrificing interior room. The four-door sedan is one of the rare super luxury cars with large trunk space.

The standard Porsche Panamera has an average-sized trunk with a total of 17.6 cubic feet. If you fold the rear seats forward, the available room increases to 47.3 cubic feet. So, we’re talking about one or two bags here, and you can take the golf clubs out and insert them diagonally.

The Executive Panamera has the same trunk room, but when you fold the seats forward, you get nearly 53 cubic feet, which is more than the Standard model. You can fit two golf bags in there if you put them diagonally. 

The Panamera Sport Turismo is larger than both models, giving a total of 18.3 cubic feet in the trunk. When you fold the seats forward, that number increases to 49 cubic feet, which isn’t much different from the Standard.

The E-Hybrid models are where the Panamera falls short in terms of trunk size. You only get 14 cubic feet in the trunk, but you can increase that to 44 cubic feet by folding the seats. The E-Hybrid Executive offers 49.1 cubic feet of room when the seats are folded, making it the largest E-Hybrid model. 

Do Golf Clubs Fit in a Porsche 911?

The 911 is non-arguably Porsche’s flagship model. It continues to rightfully claim the throne of sports cars, giving competitors a run for their money. But the question here is, can a 911 fit golf clubs?

The car can fit a bag of clubs in its backseat, although it may be a bit cramped if your bag is large. In this case, you can always take the clubs out of the bag and keep them in the backseat, but you’ll have to insert them diagonally.

If you have more than one bag, you’ll have to fold the rear seats forward so there’s enough room for them. The car will likely only fit two bags with narrow bases. If your bags are large, you’ll have to maneuver them inside the tight interiors.

Do Golf Clubs Fit in a Porsche Boxter?

The Boxter is one of Porsche’s smaller models, so it may be a bit challenging to fit golf clubs inside. The trunk offers only 4.4 cubic feet, so you’ll probably only fit a couple of golf clubs inside, and that’s only if they’re short.

The Boxter also has a front trunk that offers 5.2 cubic feet, but it doesn’t make anything easier because it’s still small for a golf bag.

You’ll have to take the clubs out and put them separately in a diagonal position, and they may not all fit.

Do Golf Clubs Fit in a Porsche Caymen?

The Porsche Caymen is Boxter’s close cousin. They’re basically the same car, but the former is a coupe while the latter is a convertible. Luckily, the Caymen offers a bigger trunk, amounting to 9.7 cubic feet. There’s also a front trunk with a room of 5.3 cubic feet.

Like the Boxter, you can probably fit a narrow golf bag in the rear trunk, along with a couple of separate golf clubs if you fold the seats forward.


You can fit golf clubs in a Porsche, but how many you’ll be able to cram inside depends on the model. The larger models, like the Cayenne and the Panamera, offer plenty of trunk space. Meanwhile, the Caymen and the Boxter won’t be of much help, and they’ll hardly fit a large bag of golf clubs.

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