Can You Put a Dog in a Golf Cart? (Safe and Easy)

I am one of those people who brings my dog everywhere with me. As I got more into golfing, naturally, I wanted to bring my best friend along with me.

I had always assumed it was against the rules to do so, but one day I saw someone walking the course with his dog at his side. I was amazed. Since I rarely walk the path, I headed to the pro shop and asked, “Can you put a dog in a golf cart?”

If the club allows dogs on the golf course, then yes, you can definitely bring our best friend with us on the links and let him ride in the golf cart. For those of us who like to walk the course, it is also an excellent opportunity to get our pups some exercise while you play.

However, before deciding to bring ole’ Fido with us to the country club and letting him ride shotgun, it is essential to take some precautions to keep our best buddy safe while riding alongside us.

Are Dogs Allowed on A Golf Course?

The first step we need to take is to make sure the golf course allows dogs to come onto the course and ride in the golf carts.

This is a courtesy to the club and to the other members.

Fortunately, to make golf more accessible to new game fans, many courses have adopted dog-friendly policies for well-trained pups! When I play with other people beforehand, I ask them if they are okay with me bringing my dog.

For me, bringing my dog to the course is all about having a fun time – however, not all of my friends have the same definition of fun as me. I am sure you can relate if you have friends who aren’t as pro-pet!

Once we have confirmed it is okay for our dog to join us, then we can get ready to head to the links with our dog!

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Next, Make Sure the Dog is Well-Behaved

A golf course can be an exciting place for a dog, with open greens, ponds with all kinds of wildlife to chase, and whizzing golf balls.

It is important only to bring our dogs to the links if they can behave, not run off, and listen when called, as a matter of both courtesy and safety. If our dogs run off, not only can they interfere with other people’s day, but they could also get injured by a club or ball.

I had to spend extra time working on voice commands before I felt comfortable bringing my dog out on the course.

Even if our dogs are good at staying put, it is also important to make sure they won’t be too noisy.

We should not bring a dog that barks a lot and will not stop when told to stop at the course. Bringing a noisy dog will, at minimum, upset other people on the course.

In the worst case, course management may request that a noisy dog (and its owner) leave the premises.

One option to keep a restless dog happy is to bring along their favorite chew toy.

When I take my pup out with me to play, I bring something that he can gnaw on to keep him preoccupied. One lesson I learned during an ill-timed backswing is don’t bring a squeaky toy! 

Fortunately, my playing partner offered me a mulligan in that shot.

Keeping Pets Save In the Golf Cart: Bringing A Harness

It is important to make sure that our dog can’t fall out of the golf cart. We do not need to be moving quickly for our pal to get hurt by hitting the ground. Some people opt to use their dog’s leash to tie them to the golf cart, but this can be even more dangerous than no leash at all.

Have you ever seen a cowboy get dragged by a bull? Well, a dog leashed in a golf cart will get dragged along until the cart comes to a stop.

You can also build a spot just for your dog, like this guy in the video below:

Even if that is only a few feet, the tumbling can cause severe injuries. As well, I once heard about a dog whose leash got caught in the front wheel and was pulled under the cart. Not trying to scare you, but let you know what can happen, so leave the leash at home.

A leash is not a good idea, but harnesses are a much better option. Click here to check out the one that I have used in the past on Amazon. 

Dog in a boat.
TIP: Clip your dog’s leash to your golf cart properly. Make sure it’s not that tight, and he’s not hurting because of it.

Clip the harness to the seatbelt of a golf cart so that our best friend will stay put while the cart is in motion.

As well, it is very easy to clip a leash onto a harness, so we can also have our pup on a leash when we are walking about the course as well!

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Bringing Other Pet Essentials

It is also important to bring everything your dog needs to enjoy a long day out on the course. First, we need to bring food, water, and something for them to eat and drink from.

Especially if it is a hot day, it is important to make sure our dogs do not get dehydrated.

Next, we need to bring bags to pick up after our dogs should they need to go to the bathroom. Finally, small dogs might be even happier if they have a comfy bed to lie on when they are in the cart.

I take the bed my pal sleeps on at home and place it on the passenger seat of the golf cart – it keeps him comfortable and happy for the entire ride!

There is almost nothing better than a sunny day out on the links with my canine best friend.

It is important that we make sure our dogs are allowed on the course and that we have everything we need to keep them safe while they ride in the cart alongside us!

Can you walk your dog around the golf course?

Of course! You can do their walk routine inside a golf course; just make sure not to forget their leash or harness for their safety. If ever your dog is acting up due to a change of environment, here are some tips you can do:

Make sure they’re not hungry.
Give them some physical affection,
even after every successful hit of your goal.
Bring your dog’s favorite treat with you.
Play a calm or relaxing music would also help.
Make sure they’re properly groomed.
Avoid from dragging your dog.
Stay by their side especially in scary situations.
How to Keep Your Dog Calm

Can a dog pull a cart?

Yes, dogs can be taught almost everything! Their loyalty can make you make them pull or push anything that they can physically. Plus, a pull cart or golf bags are so easy for them to move.

Final Thoughts

Golfing with a dog can be fun, and if you go on a solo outing, your outing won’t be so solo… 

Anyway, just be sure to do so safely. The biggest takeaway I want you to have with this article is NOT to use a leash and use a harness instead to tether your little bundle of joy to the cart. 

Don’t make crazy sudden turns, and be smart with driving as you would if someone were in the cart with you. 

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