The 5 Best Golf Irons For Mid Handicappers In 2023

The golfing skills are ranked using golf handicaps—the lower the handicap, the better the golfer’s skills. So, for instance, you are relatively better if you have a handicap of 5 and your rival’s handicap is 9. 

Generally, mid handicappers play with an 11 to 20 handicap. The golf iron will affect your gaming skills; thus, you must get the best. Click here to learn what a mid-handicapper is.

The best golf irons apply an Artificial Technology, the Flash Face Cup, in their forgery. For example, the Callaway golf brand employs this technology to create unique golf irons, the best in this article being the Apex DCB Iron Set.

This article will discuss the best golf irons for mid- handicappers, significantly portraying and improving their gaming skills. Besides this, an excellent buying guide with the considerations to make before purchasing is included.

Our 5 Best Golf Irons for Mid Handicappers

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The Golf Irons for Mid Handicappers Review

In each section of the mini-review below, we summarized some of the best features and how they can benefit you as enthusiast golfers.

1. Callaway Golf 2021 Apex DCB Iron SetBest Overall

The black 6.95lbs golf iron is made of alloy steel by Callaway. It is designed with a 1-degree golf club loft. In addition, its left-hand orientation is intended for a regular golf club loft.

The iron gives the golfers a better experience for Apex than before. Its look, performance, and feel are impressive, with a deep cavity back forgiveness. Apex DCB is the best Apex Iron to offer forgiveness as the cavity back and sole width is designed to provide an easy launch and a robust turf interaction.

During the manufacture of the golf iron, the Flash Face Cup Artificial Intelligence technology is applied to create high ball speeds and increase the robustness of the spins. It is forged in carbon steel and patented microspheres to deliver a unique feel and sound at impact.

Its improved shape assists in enhancing the feel across the turf.


  • It offers a consistent launch while increasing the forgiveness
  • It is forged using an A.I. technology to improve the ball distance and enhance control
  • It provides an easy launch and a strong turf interaction


  • Not ideal for the right-handed
  • Not suitable for the golfers who prefer light or stiff flexes
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2. TaylorMade SiM 2 Max OS Iron Set

This titanium golf iron has a steel shaft for right-handed golfers with a regular golf club flex. Its loft is 20 degrees and is available in a steel color.

The golf iron utilizes strong stainless steel and lightweight polymers to optimize the center of gravity. As a result, it increases the forgiveness, feel, and distance covered by the ball. The face is also fast and more forgiving, thus assisting the golfers in performing better.

It is designed with an oversize head shape to offer an easier launch and ensure that the ball covers maximum distance. The design also employs an echo damping system that includes soft polymers and a couple of contact points on the iron’s face for absorbing unwanted vibrations. As a result, it produces a feeling of forged iron.

The various faces are specially designed using Inverted Cone Technology. It increases the sweet spot while minimizing the side spins. It also ensures that the balls travel in a straight line.


  • Its construction increases the forgiveness and the feel while maximizing the distance.
  • Its oversize creates large sweet spots that deliver stability after an impact.
  • The sweet spot is intelligently positioned to deliver high and consistent ball speeds.
  • Its optimized center of gravity offers a high and straightforward launching.


  • Not suitable for left-handed golfers
  • It might be pretty challenging for the golfers who have difficulty holding and swinging a weight of 7.4lbs
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3. Mizuno Golf JPX921 Hot Metal Iron Set

This Mizuno golf iron has a chrome color and a regular golf club flex. It is specially designed with a 21 degrees golf club loft for the right-handed. This 9lbs iron is made of a blend of material with a rubber grip and a steel shaft.

It is forged using a chromium and molybdenum blend that is highly malleable with a high strength weight ratio. The mixture is ideal for a strong face with a bending hosel fitting.

The forgery also employs a harmonic impact technology to produce an excellent feel. In addition, the frame is left open at its heel portion to improve stability and launch. It also assists in creating an impressive vibration and sound at impact.

It has a seamless cup face around its perimeter to increase the rebound area, thus improving the ball speed. In addition, its CORTEC design maximizes the COR AREA.


  • Its weight improves stability in a variety of hits
  • The sole design offers an excellent face flex
  • It provides high ball speeds


  • Specially designed for the right-handed golfers
  • It wears out much easily
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4. Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Iron Set

This 2.2lbs alloy steel golf iron is designed with a regular golf club flex for right-handed golfers. The shaft is made of steel. Its forgery employs an A.I. technology to ensure the ball speed is at its maximum.

The face architecture is advanced for every loft, thus boosting the ball speed while increasing the robustness of the spins. In addition, the iron weight is improved by infusing tungsten to ideally position the center of gravity. As a result, it provides an optimum launch and a controllable ball flight.

The Mavrik iron set includes three models: the Maverick Standard, the Maverick Max, and the Maverick Pro. The patented urethane microspheres help to absorb unwanted vibrations, providing an impressive feel while maximizing ball speed.


  • Available in a variety of models
  • The A.I. technology improves the ball speed
  • The infused weights optimize the C.G. to improve the launch
  • The patented urethane microspheres improve the feel


  • Unideal for left-hand golfers
  • Not ideal for the golfers who prefer light or stiff flexes
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5. Cobra Golf 2021 Men’s Radspeed Iron Set

This golf iron is specially designed for right-handed golfers. Its weight is 6lbs, and the golf club flex is regular. The iron is purely carbon steel, with the shaft made of KBS Tour 90. The Cobra Golf iron has a 5 degrees golf club loft.

Its forgery applies a Radial Weighting Technology that strategically places weights to optimize the center of gravity. As a result, It improves the forgiveness, speed, and fairway flight direction.

The stainless steel forged face increases the flex in and around the sweet spot. It produces a high launch and a fastball speed.

The design of this golf iron applies 3D printing that offers unlimited complex designs. In addition, the low positioned weight improves the center of gravity to increase the stability, thus increasing the distance and off-center hits forgiveness. 

In addition, its top-line carbon fiber lowers the center of gravity while increasing the moment of impact.


  • The radial weighting optimizes both the speed and forgiveness
  • The face design increases the sweet spot flex to offer a high launch and fastball speed
  • It is relatively stable and reduces the ball spins to optimize the golfer’s performance


  • Designed only for the right-handed golfers
  • Not suitable for the golfers who prefer stiff flexes
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A Buying Guide for Mid-Handicap Golf Irons

Best Golf Irons for Mid Handicappers


Generally, mid-handicap golfers shoot in the range of 85-95. Thus, as a mid-handicap golfer, you should identify the ideal golf iron. The following are crucial features for the various mid-handicap golf irons.

Offset Hosel

Mid handicap golfers are usually a bit experienced; thus, they are more likely to lose a few balls during the gameplay. Furthermore, since they are relatively more goal-oriented, they must find the best golf irons to improve their skills.

Offset refers to the club when the leading edge sits back from the shaft. The offset hosel club has a bent shaft-to-head area, so the head sits behind the shaft. A mid-handicapper can only notice this particular feature benefit using the iron.

This club provides a high launch as the center of gravity is far behind the head. It makes it easier for the golfer to create high trajectories for high-flight balls. The offset hosel club also relatively increases the moment of impact.

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Cavity Back

Golfers have variable abilities and skills that are excellently portrayed when using the ideal golfing tools. Therefore, mid-handicap golfers should carefully consider the cavity when purchasing golf irons.

Cavity back irons have a hollow or scooped clubhead design that leaves a cavity behind. These irons are pretty straightforward and ideal for different golfers. Hollowing reduces the weight of the clubhead’s center and concentrates it on the edges.

The design ensures that the mishits are not much severe. Thus, as a mid-handicapper, you will find them more accessible and convenient than the muscle back irons.

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Perimeter Weighting

Flying the ball is the biggest challenge the mid-handicap golfers face. While using the regular golf clubs might be challenging to get the ball airborne.

With perimeter weighting, the sweet spot is increased, thus making it easy to fly the ball. However, the sweet spot is associated with flying the ball. Thus, perimeter-weighted irons increase the room for swing error.

In addition, this feature ensures that the clubhead’s weight is positioned on the perimeter instead of the head’s center. As a result, this type of irons does not produce a large ball impact when the clubhead weight is concentrated on a specific spot. However, they are much ideal for mid-handicap golfers.

Sole Size

The sole size has a significant role in portraying the skills of different golfers. For example, as a mid-handicap golfer, you must ensure that your ideal iron has a moderate wide sole. On the other hand, using a standard-sized sole might be detrimental in flying the ball since most of the time is spent digging the ground.

Moderately wider soles will improve the shot since much weight is acting on the ball. This sole will also assist you in avoiding ground digging. While non-experienced golfers need broad sole irons, moderately wide sole golf irons are many ideas for mid-handicap golfers. These types of irons will significantly improve your performance as a mid-handicapper.


Generally, there are two golf iron shafts, steel, and graphite. Graphite is suitable for hybrids and drivers. Steel adds extra weight to the iron, thus providing a better feel than graphite.

A graphite shaft assists the ball in covering more distance, unlike the steel ones. Generally, steel shafts are the most ideal for mid-handicappers.


The most common problem with golf irons is wearing out. Generally, different irons will wear out at different rates, depending on how often you play using them. Worn-out golf irons will decrease your game abilities; thus, you need to replace any worn-out iron.

Some signs indicating that your golf iron is worn out are less feel and low-ball flights. When purchasing your mid-handicap golf irons, the wearing-out time is a significant consideration. Consider purchasing irons that have a considerable lifespan.

Use Cases

The various types of golfers require different types of irons. Therefore, you should select the irons recommended for your golfing experience and skills, from game-improvement irons to players’ irons. Usually, the mid-handicappers play well using the game-improvement irons.

Generally, these golf irons have a more expansive central hitting zone for straight and far mishits. As a result, they are more forgiving and are designed to improve your golf skills.

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This article has summarized the best golf irons for mid-handicappers you will ever come across. All of these irons are available on Amazon, and you are welcome to make a purchase. 

While these irons offer many incredible benefits that will improve your skills, the A.I. forged iron, Callaway Golf 2021 Apex DCB Iron Set, stands out as the best among them.

In addition, the article has included an excellent buying guide for mid-handicap golfers. The outlined considerations to make before the purchase are specially selected to assist you in landing on your best mid-handicapper golf iron.

This article is a typical mid-handicapper iron buying guide that you won’t regret considering. In addition, the article has listed the best iron golfs for mid-handicappers that will significantly assist in portraying your golfing skills while improving them.

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