7 Best Golf Drivers In The Market Today

The modern golf driver is fast setting the foundation of professional golfing. The best part is that the improvements in sweet spot technology, launch angle, composition, and size, allow you different options with varying features and benefits. 

The best golf drivers are designed for professional use and come in the highest quality. Modern golf drivers have significantly improved material, loft, and flex features. A set of features also work well together for the average golfer. 

This article will review seven of the best modern golf drivers for the master golfer and the mid handicapper. These golf irons are also excellent for improving their gaming skills.

At A Glance: Our Favorite Golf Drivers

7 Best Golf Drivers Review

Best Golf Drivers

Here is our short review of the best golf drivers in the market. For more details about the driver, click on the image or the button below.

1. Titleist TS3 Driver – Best Golf Driver Overall

The Titleist TS3 driver stands out as the most trusted driver by golfers. Powerful impact sound. The “players” driver almost always has a beautiful shape, clean looks, and an extraordinary impact sound. That’s certainly the case with the new TS3 driver, but can a weekend golfer wield it successfully? I tested one to find out.

Of course, we shouldn’t buy drivers based on how the sole looks, but I’d buy this one if we did. The shape and size are as traditional as in a major release. It has a deep face that looks powerful behind the ball.

Through the hands, contact feels solid and, again, powerful. You wouldn’t be surprised to find the ball smashed into an oblong shape based on feeling alone. While using this driver, you can quickly tell the exact point that hit the ball.

The TS3 has an impressive outcome, especially regarding spin rates, maintaining speed, and the launching angle. All these factors were highly contributed by using lightweight titanium as the primary material. The difference in mishits I got during my testing of the driver surprised me. The driver is stout for any golfer, but this does not mean it will forgive a poor swing.


  • Weight is evenly distributed due to its thin Titanium crown
  • A perfectly streamlined shape helps increase clubhead speed, thus more distance
  • A thicker face than the TS1 and TS2 hence delivering faster ball speeds and increased forgiveness
  • Improved crown and face differences that ensure low carry gains
  • Ability to reduce dispersion through a custom fitting


  • Not suitable for left-handed players
  • Extra shaft length could pose a challenge to control among unskilled golfers.
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2. Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max Driver – Most Forgiving Driver

The Epic Max driver is the most forgiving driver produced by Callaway Golf. With the implementation of new Artificial Intelligence, speed has been dramatically improved.

As a result of this enhancement, players can attain top speeds across a more expansive area. The new structure also enhances the stability of this driver.

Moreover, the driver is made using modern triaxial carbon material. The advantageous factor about this material is that it is significantly lighter than titanium, commonly used for other drivers.

The Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max Driver is over 19 grams lighter than other similar products when weighed.

Additionally, the driver’s weight is evenly distributed to other parts. The professionally enhanced weight distribution enhances this driver’s launching capacity and forgiveness. Golfers, therefore, can adjust the ball flight to what they intend to attain in the game.


  • Minimal effort is required when swinging.
  • It is easy to carry around or use due to its lightweight nature
  • Implements Artificial Intelligence(AI) to improve the ball speed
  • Attractive to the eye due to its design


  • Not suitable for left-handed people
  • High pricing
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3. TaylorMade SIM 2 Driver – Best for Low Launches

The TaylorMade SIM 2 Driver will do fine if you need to launch a low shot. The engineers of this product put their thoughts into making this driver. It was designed explicitly for low launches and more forgiveness. During the launch of this driver in 2020, world-class golfers such as Tiger Woods and Roy Mcleroy quickly noticed its incomparable abilities.

Fitted with heavy tungsten weight at the back, this driver delivers a high launch, high spins, and more forgiveness. It has a forged ring construction of aluminum precisely milled at its core. The forged ring makes this driver stand out because it increases forgiveness and power. Additionally, it has an enormous face and address profile to increase accuracy when golfing.

Another significant factor about this driver is the thru-slot speed pocket. Ideally, it is installed to increase sole flexibility and ultimately impact the ball’s speed and forgiveness. Additionally, the thru-slot speed pocket increases efficiency.

As a result, there is no massive difference in the distance when you mishit a ball when golfing.

The Taylor Made SIM 2 Driver also has a speed-injected twist face at the center. The twisted face is used to correct off-center hits, common among most golfers. Therefore, you do not stress accuracy when using such an advanced driver when hitting the ball. 

Off-center hits are corrected to ensure that the speed is not affected when you mishit the ball. As a result of this corrective mechanism, the rate of the face is brought up to the desired speed.


  • Enhances clubhead speed
  • Improves off-center hits
  • No harsh vibrations on the hand
  • The high degree of forgiveness


  • Left-handed people cannot use it
  • Quite expensive
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4. Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max LS Driver – Best For Low Spins

The Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max LS Driver is ubiquitous among many professional golfers. Every fan at some point has admired the prowess of a professional golfer. Whether it is a bit of effort to hit a ball so hard or the smooth texture, these drivers are widely used. As a result, some professional golfers like John Rahm have occasionally used this driver.

Callaway implemented trifocal intelligence through artificial intelligence. The importance of this AI is to increase the impact of a hit. Primarily, when you hit the ball, trifocal intelligence amplifies the magnitude of the force. The result is an increase in ball distance.

Secondly, this driver significantly reduces weight compared to an average driver. The weight is redistributed to enhance forgiveness like its companion, the Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max Driver. The material used to make it is a proprietary triaxial carbon; hence, significant weight savings of up to or slightly over 13grams.

Compared to other drivers in Callaway’s Epic series, this one is the most fade-capable. Hence, it provides up to 13 yards of shot shape correction. In addition, the fade capability is enhanced with adjustable perimeter weighting, a feature absent in other drivers. In turn, the ball is fine-tuned to achieve the intended target in case of a mishit.

Moreover, Artificial Intelligence is again used to create the new jailbreak speed frame. Essentially this new structure is designed to enhance horizontal and torsional stability. Therefore, the ball speed is significantly increased.

Another important aspect is the AI-designed flash face. The face is enhanced with solid titanium, which promotes maximum speed. In addition, the flash face works hand in hand with jailbreak architecture to ensure spins are robust and the degree of forgiveness is high.


  • Enhanced stability
  • The high degree of forgiveness
  • Low spins
  • It has an adjustable weight


  • Requires a lot of configuration, which, if done wrong, reduces efficiency
  • Not suitable for left-handed players
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5. Cobra Golf Speedzone Driver – Best For Fast Swing

This is the fastest and most potent driver among the many drivers that cobra has made. Fitted with six unique zones of performance-enhancing attributes, this driver will get the job done.

Players with different requirements can adjust the driver to fit the intended task. The adjustment is brought about by introducing the center of gravity (CG) adjustability. Players can control the hits by changing the center of gravity and improving their performance.

Titanium speed chassis (T-bar) is applied to amplify the impact. During high-speed impacts, the chassis will prove helpful in maintaining a solid head structure. Hence, a golfer’s stability will not be affected regardless of the intensity of the hit.

Carbon is implemented on the Cobra Golf Speed zone driver to reduce weight. As said earlier, carbon fiber weighs lesser than commonly used titanium. The saved weight is then redistributed into the head to increase the inertia, and ultimately more speed and forgiveness are attained.

In a bid to achieve maximum drag reduction, advanced aerodynamics are implemented. Moreover, the streamlined shape of the face also boosts aerodynamics by producing more speed. The result is harnessed airflow and advanced aerodynamics that improve drag reduction.


  • Enhanced forgiveness
  • Improved stability when hitting
  • Significant reduction in weight
  • The high degree of drag reduction


  • Loud sounds during the action may irritate some golfers
  • Not suitable for left-handed players
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6. Mizuno ST-Z Driver – Best for Mid to High Handicaps

Mizuno outdid themselves through the production of a lightweight, effective golf driver. For starters, it has extensive fiber at the top and sole. The importance of carbon fiber is to produce high ball flights.

The center of gravity is adjusted to achieve a perfect hit by repositioning. The face of the driver is made of solid metal. As a result, this golf club can be durable for a long time. Most importantly, there is a high chance that the driver will maintain its appearance over long periods. It is also difficult to notice microfractures on the highly resilient forged SAT2041 better TI face.

The increased ball speed is another good factor in using the Mizuno ST-Z Driver. The face structure is mainly composed of a multi-thick crotch layer. The rigid surface improves the intensity of the impact when you swing.

The driver does not produce a lot of sounds. Mizuno’s engineers heavily invested their effort to ensure the sound is a muted but assertive tone. Professional Players that used the driver applauded the company for producing almost silent feedback.

Also, this driver assists in attaining a straight-line path. An evenly spread carbon composite on the sole ensures that the low spins are biased towards a straight line. Additionally, an optimized wave soleplate delivers more impact tubal speed.


  • Adjustable hostel
  • Lightweight
  • Deeper face shape
  • Improved ball speed


  • Low degree of forgiveness
  • Unsuitable for left-handed people
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7. TaylorMade M4 Driver – Best For Game Improvement

The TaylorMade M4 Driver is another modern driver that applies artificial intelligence to boost efficiency. The golf club uses twist face technology to increase accuracy. A common problem with golfers is mishits. Hence, the result is that mishits spin so that they are repositioned to the intended target.

Twist face technology is implemented in the TaylorMade M4 Driver to curb this challenge quickly. Additionally, TaylorMade has a hammered slot compared to Callaway’s jailbreak technology. The function of this slot is to increase the stability of the driver. Hence, a more stable driver, in turn, results in higher ball speeds.

Additionally, these drivers are founded with geocoustic technology. Essentially, geocoustic technology reduces the driver’s volume, thus saving mass. In addition, the sole is curved to enable a more forgiving face. Moreover, geocoustic technology has made the golf clubs produce a distinct sound when struck.

The driver also assists in inaccuracy. It has a low center of gravity that can come in handy, particularly on low hits. Also, the low center of gravity is bound to improve your tee ball if you have a low or medium swing speed. Moreover, a low center of gravity positively impacts the accuracy of tees. Hence, unskilled golfers can significantly benefit from using the TaylorMade M4 Driver.


  • Good for unskilled golfers
  • Made of lightly weighing materials
  • Improves the accuracy of hits
  • A high degree of forgiveness


  • High pricing in the market
  • The stock shaft is lightweight, hence challenging to control for better players with high speeds.
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Final Thoughts

To conclude, there are different drivers that a player can purchase. However, it still goes back to the main objective of the club. Hence, it is paramount to seek further information before buying a driver. Although it is hard to choose one, a particular driver always stands out. 

In my view, the Titleist TS3 Driver stands out among its competitors. It can prove to be quite the driver, especially for professional golfers. However, always remember to go with what meets all your needs without limitations. 

Happy gaming!

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