5 Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers In 2023

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing your first shot roll to the nearby trees. You can prevent this by getting quality golf drivers. The models discussed in this article provide stability through the fundamental impact for high handicappers. In addition, they offer more forgiveness so that your shots are not so bad.

Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max Driver is the best overall product. It has desirable features such as high launch, adjustable shot shaping, and maximum forgiveness. The driver increases skill level and lets golf layers quickly jump to the next handicap.

Different drivers have various applications. While Callaway Epic Max is ideal for beginner golf players looking for adjustable features, TaylorMade SIM MAX can be used by multiple golfers. On the other hand, Cobra F9 Men’s Speedback Driver best suits players that want various flex options. 

Individuals that wish to achieve straighter and longer drives should go for the Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver, whereas those who want to avoid slice issues should try out the Cobra Golf F9 Speedback Driver.

If you want to know more about the best golf drivers for high handicappers, keep reading below.

At A Glance: Our Best Recommendations

Best Overall

Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max Driver

Very forgiving, and when you hit the sweet spot. The ball takes off, stays in the air, and goes for miles.

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Runner Up 1

TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver (Fujikura Ventus)

A huge improvement over the M6. It takes your average game to the next level.

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Runner Up 2

Cobra Golf F9 Men’s Speedback Driver

It plays much better than the F8, and you don’t have to swing as hard to get the same distance.

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Best For Longer Distance

Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver

The forgiving driver and the ping sound coming off the club when you hit the ball is cool.

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Best For Slicing Problem

Cobra Golf F9 Speedback Driver

It improves your game with fewer slices, better control, and more distance hits.

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Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers Review

Here is our short review of the best golf drivers for high handicappers. Just click on the image or the button below to find out more details about the driver.

1. Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max Driver – Best Overall

The driver is developed based on a simple equation: max ball speed+ maximum forgiveness and adjustable weighting= ultimate max driver. It has an adjustable weight of 17g that forms a shot shape correction of up to 16 yards and rises to 20 yards when considering the draw settings. Epic Max provides a spin on the three latest Epic models for 2021.

Further, it has a new Jailbreak SpeedFrame inside its head designed using Artificial intelligence. As a result, the driver has a new shape and connects with the head at four points, top and bottom providing more stability in the torsional and horizontal direction. Therefore, it increases the ball’s speed across the face.

In addition, it offers the highest launching of the epic drivers. Epic Max offers the highest forgiveness. It is made from a lighter and stronger Triaxial Carbon material, thus saving about 19g weight than titanium. 

Redistributing the weight promotes more forgiveness and higher launch. The product also delivers a unique deep CG and higher MOI for straighter drivers and tight downrange dispersion.

Golfers who need help keeping the ball in the air and those that strike various face areas will find this product ideal. The product’s movable weight will help players avoid one side of the golf course.


  • Extraordinary ball speed
  • It provides the most forgiveness
  • It is long
  • Allows for more control


  • It does not have the Cyclone Aero head shape
  • It has a bigger footprint
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2. TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver (Fujikura Ventus) – Runner Up 1

The best TaylorMade drivers can compete with most driver models in forgiveness, and this product is no exception.

The product features a revolutionary new shape and has an Aerodynamic Asymmetric Sole that enhances faster club speeds leading to more distance and ball speed. It is more forgiving due to the Inertia Generator that adds more weight to the head’s rear.

Additionally, the driver has been injected with tuning resin. The speed technology optimizes the COR across the club’s face and maximizes the ball distance and speed with performance near the legal limit. 

The club’s face also has a unique curvature that increases loft in the high toe regions and decreases loft in the low heel area. The club’s twist face reduces side spin and promotes straighter shots in places where most golf players often mis-hit the ball.

Moreover, the driver has steel, carbon, and titanium construction which accurately places weight in the head to create a high MOI and low center of gravity. It also has adjustable loft sleeves that allow you to fine-tune performance at +/-2 degrees.

It will be suitable for a wide range of golfers.


  • The driver has excellent forgiveness
  • It is easy to align and hit off-center shots
  • It accommodates mis-swings
  • It has a larger face that increases the margin for error


  • Not ideal for skilled golf players
  • More expensive compared to other alternatives
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3. Cobra Golf F9 Men’s Speedback Driver – Runner Up 2

Cobra has revolutionary driver technology advancements that combine an aerodynamic clubhead shape, a precision CNC milled face, and a low center of gravity. The driver features a Speedback Aero design with a raised skirt, rounded leading edge, and crown. The shape improves airflow for maximum stability and speed.

Multi-material CG tungsten structure on the driver makes the CG low and deep and combines with aerodynamics to optimize the club and ball speed. In addition, it also promotes a low spin for a greater distance.

The driver has a CNC precision milled face. It is the only CNC brand milled in an industry where each manufacturer claims to sell fast drivers. CNC is a precise manufacturing technique that promotes optimal performance. They have the thinnest and hottest faces with the CNC milling process.

Furthermore, Cobra Golf 2019 has dual roll technology that reduces the gear effect, negatively impacting launch and spin on high and low misses. By minimizing the gear effect, the technology adds distance to your drive.

The driver also features titanium sole trips and a polymer crown. These are placed relative to the flow of air around the club head to decrease drag effects, ensuring faster clubhead speeds.

The driver is ideal for players that want a wide range of flex options.


  • It has movable weight technology that allows you to adjust your CG position.
  • Faster clubhead speed
  • Golfers can easily manage trajectory


  • Adjusting the shot shape is not possible
  • It has a basic design
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4. Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver – Best For Longer Distance

While this new product has some similar features to the previous models, it has several further improvements. Let us look at the driver’s key features.

Cleveland Turbo Driver is characterized by a Turbocharged Cup Face, a counterbalanced shaft, Ultrahigh Hosel, Deep Weighting sole pads, and redesigned HiBore Crown. All these features make the driver faster for a more considerable distance off every tee.

The driver’s Turbocharged Cup Face is enhanced with the latest variable face providing a higher COR over a more extensive impact area for more distance and increased ball speed even on mis-hits.

The driver allows a lower CG position since the HiBore Crown reduces the center of gravity by 2.2mm. In addition, the Ultralight Hosel distributes weight lower and deeper for more forgiveness and a higher launch.

The Deep Weighting sole pads are positioned in the most effective areas to increase MOI, therefore greater delivery speeds and more forgiveness. Last but not least, the product features a counterbalanced shaft design specifically designed for the driver.

The shaft’s center of gravity is relocated towards the grip to enable additional head mass for increased MOI.

The product is ideal for avid golfers looking for higher, straighter, and longer drives as it provides more speed off the tee. You need to go faster for you to go long off the tee.


  • Has increased ball speed
  • The face has a variable thickness that allows consistent strikes on mis-swings.
  • HiBore Crown is the most aerodynamic and lightest but still increases clubhead speed when swinging.
  • It has a low CG that promotes low spin and high launch leading to more distance.


  • It lacks adjustability; therefore, customization is hard
  • It lacks a stock shaft
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5. Cobra Golf F9 Speedback Driver – Best For Slicing Problems

The latest Cobra Golf F9 Speedback driver has achieved speed gains that place it at the top of driver performance thanks to the innovative design that perfectly combines aerodynamic efficiency and optimal center of gravity.

The aerodynamic performance of the driver through the air is always overshadowed by features in the driver’s head or face. When the driver’s efficiency through the air is low, CG will be at a higher position in the clubhead, creating more spins and reduced launch.

Cobra’s Speedback technology is more efficient through the air resulting in more forgiveness, speed, and distance.

The driver’s front ad railing edges have been streamlined, and the aerodynamics strips on the crown have been remodeled for increased efficiency. Moreover, the rounded sole and added aerodynamic skirts on the product’s side and rear make it cut through the air easily.

The new aero package does not only help with faster swing speeds to reach terminal velocity and makes it easier for the golfer to push the driver through the air with slower swings. Therefore, any golfer can attain maximum swing speed.

The driver can achieve a low center of gravity without affecting its aerodynamic performance. Additionally, it has a carbon fiber crown that wraps around its edge to save weight and redistribute mass where it will be of use. 

The result is a low and deep CG. Additionally, the sole has a rear assembly with a tungsten weight, making the CG lower and deeper.

The driver is best for correcting slice problems.


  • Maximum distance and accuracy
  • Greater adjustability
  • Increased ball speed
  • Provides most forgiveness


  • It has several crown graphics that can be distracting
  • Has unmuted sounds that may make players lose feedback
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A Guide to Buying Golf Drivers for High Handicappers

Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers

When buying the best high handicap drivers, you must consider the following crucial factors.

Added Launch

You will likely need help keeping the ball in the air for longer when playing golf. So, go for a model that has a high launch. It could be achieved through higher loft or flexible shaft options.


Get a cheaper driver if you are new to the game or still learning tips. You can upgrade to something expensive once you are a pro and your swing is technically sound.


Find a driver that feels easy to swing and provides help on off-center strikes. Such a driver will improve your shot’s consistency in direction and distance. Golf manufacturers understand the difficulty beginning players have shaving strokes off the handicap.

That is why they design drivers with more significant sweet spots to help minimize side spins which usually create slices and hooks. With the technology, beginners can hit the ball straighter on off-center strikes. Besides, golfers that swing drivers slowly will also benefit since the driver maximizes distance.

Adjustable Features

You will be looking to maximize each swing if you are a handicapper. Therefore, it would help if you had a variety of drivers to choose from. Golf manufacturers produce drivers with different specifications to suit golfers’ needs.

There are drivers with adjustable weights to alter shot shape and increase the forgiveness, while others have adjustable hosel to expand or minimize the loft on the clubface. If you are a beginner golfer and love to adjust features to improve your shot’s quality, you should purchase a driver with adjustable features.

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Wrap Up

The Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max Driver is the best golf equipment for high handicappers among the five best golf drivers. It offers dynamic playability and luxury, which are excellent features for beginners seeking to shorten their learning curve. Furthermore, it is built for speed and features a flash face technology that increases strength and power across the driver’s face.

The driver’s titanium face offers maximum ball speed, minimal spin for straighter shots, and incredible forgiveness. High handicappers gain the most from this driver through its forgiving nature. 

Callaway redesigned this product with a lighter frame redistributing extra weight around the crown for outstanding and forgiving performance. Add in the ability to set the face angle, and you have a driver that will give you an incredible golfing experience.

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