The 5 Best Fairway Woods For Ladies

Golf for women is not a strange concept. The most reliable tool in women’s golf is the fairway wood. They are the most consistent club types in female golfers’ bags. However, sometimes fairway wood isn’t as convenient for beginners.

Making perfect direct contact with the ball is an all-around challenge for beginners. This happens due to the slower clubhead speed. However, it becomes highly unfeasible in such cases for beginner ladies.

A female golfer can easily play the winning shot with the modern fairway woods. There are numerous options to look out for in the best fairway woods for ladies.

But it is important to choose the one with a face with a better impact area that is lightweight and provides maximum forgiving. And for that, one can always trust Cobra KingSpeedZone Fairway Wood.

This article lists multiple fairway wood options that can be chosen by keeping the style quotient in mind. This might be an awesome opportunity for women golfers. 

Keep reading to know more about different fairway woods.

Our Favorite Fairway Woods for Ladies

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5 Best Fairway Woods for Ladies Reviews

Our short review of the best fairway woods can help you hit the ball easier. To find out more details about the fairway woods for ladies, just click on the image or the link below.

1. Cobra King SpeedZone Fairway WoodBest Overall

This addition to the SpeedZone driver category of Cobra is carefully designed and developed to bring a decent improvement to four major zones. These zones are; flexible, lightweight, stable, and powerful woods.

As a result, women can effortlessly hit the golf ball off the fairway. Speaking more about this, this club copies Cobra’s traditional design that includes a shallower face and back weighting.

Such structures offer better towering trajectories as well as easier launches. What more? This model has advanced “Dual Baffler Rails” that offer solid stability and better speed. Using this, women can effortlessly glide through any lie angels.

The brand has added the CNC milled face, and the weight is properly positioned in the crown to reduce the CG- Center of Gravity. It’s also considered a good choice for low or mid-handicappers.


  • It comes with a carbon fiber crown.
  • It provides excellent value for money.
  • Offer a decent performance and an easy flight.
  • Superior control and feel.


  • Some golfers may find the price unattractive.
  • Its design is not as smooth as the other fairway woods.
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2. Callaway Epic Max Star Fairway WoodBest In Lightweight Performance

As per the manufacturer, the entire Epic Max line is created to offer a maximum level of forgiveness. In addition, Callaway’s Epic Max Star Fairway wood offers the golfers sufficient distance and high launch.

Average golfers can also use this fairway wood to improve their game. In addition, women golfers searching for an affordable club can use these fairways.

This fairway wood from Callaway comprises AI-designed Jailbreak technology and comes with wider blades. Thanks to the AI design as it produces better ball speed.

On the other hand, the manufacturer has used triaxial carbon to redistribute the weight for a better CG. With this, the golfer will enjoy the lightweight performance. In addition, it has a fixed hosel and is considered one of the best fairway woods for high handicappers.


  • It has received a greater level of popularity for its feel and looks.
  • It is listed among the leaders of the most forgiving fairway woods.
  • It offers a better fairway hit compared to other models.
  • Better all-round performance


  • Its compact look is a little intimidating for some players.
  • Manufacturers could improve the overall design.
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3. Titleist TS3 Fairway WoodBest For Generate Ball Speed

Titleist is quite popular for manufacturing golf clubs and balls like irons, drivers, and more. However, after conducting two-year-long research, the company has created the two most popular fairway kinds of wood. One of them is the Titleist TS3 Fairway.

The best thing about the TS2 model is that it offers straight speed. But the TS3 provides players with specialized speed. The fairway wood is customized to give players decent shot control, dynamic forgiveness, and improved performance.

This model comes with a titanium crown. Compared to TS2, the crown is 27 percent thinner. As a result, the weight will move to the lower section while playing. No matter what type of lie it is, it will move smoothly.

With their swings, females can achieve increased distance. The golf experts say this fairway wood can be a perfect tool for female golfers looking for speed-tuned shots.


  • It is designed to offer customized performance to attain better distance.
  • It generates the low spin and high launch.
  • It comes with adjustable CG and swings weight.
  • Has lightweight frame


  • The traditional Titleist shape may not attract all golfers.
  • Not the best feeling in structure.
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4. TaylorMade M2 Fairway WoodMost Forgiving

If the fairway shot leaks to the right, it’s time to try M2 2017 fairway wood by TaylorMade. It has well-designed top-line masking and well-distributed weight at the face to produce a perfect impactful shot.

On the other hand, the unique “Speed Pocket” technology has been integrated into the wood to improve its sole flexibility. Its multi-material construction makes it quite popular among female golfers and low handicappers.

The crown is made of 6 layers of carbon to produce low CG. As a result, the golfer enjoys better performance from off the fairway and the tee. The fairway wood also comes with the advanced “Inverted Cone” technology.

You will not find this in other fairway woods. Due to the presence of a fluted hosel, it produces superior sound.


  • It has a higher level of forgiveness.
  • It creates a better trajectory.
  • Allows the golfer to have better control of the shot direction and clubface.
  • It provides outstanding aerodynamics.


  • For some golfers, this can be a little expensive.
  • Some players don’t like the lightweight features of the club.
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5. Callaway Big Bertha B21 Fairway WoodBest 3 Wood

Women looking for a good fairway wood club to achieve the desired distance can choose this option. It is easier to hit, and the shallower face improves forgiveness.

On the other hand, the player can witness consistent contact and effortless turf interaction with the oversized shape and perfect lengths. Furthermore, as per the manufacturer, it also comes equipped with advanced jailbreak technology.

So, two bars are connected to the sole and crown. What’s more? Additional to its enhanced offset, it lowers the slice and gives the ball a better flight.

The club also has premium components, such as an “Active tip Flag” and an all-new RCH shaft. It is also considered one of the best fairway woods for seniors.


  • It is easier to hit and easy to launch.
  • It comes with jailbreak technology.
  • A decent sweet spot.
  • Lightweight design


  • Not suitable for left-handed players.
  • Offset design and oversize shape may not attract all.
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What To Look For When Purchasing Fairway Woods For Ladies

Best Fairway Woods for Ladies

So, these are some of the best fairway woods for ladies that you can buy online to improve your game. Well, if you are buying fairway wood for the first time, it will be better for you to understand different factors and then jump into the selection process. 

Before diving deep into the buying guide, a small and useful tip to keep in mind is to go for the latest ones while you search for the best fairway woods. This is because the latest models come with improved design and features.

Now, some other factors to consider are:

The Loft of the Fairway Wood

Speaking about the loft, the angle plays an important role in controlling the distance and trajectory. In general, some fairway wood clubs have higher lofts than a driver.

For example, the loft in a 23 wood can range from 15 to 18 degrees, and in the case of a five wood, it can be 20 to 22 degrees. You can also form a fairway wood that comes with an adjustable loft.

Consider The Materials

The head and shaft of a fairway wood can be made of graphite, fiberglass, titanium, or stainless steel. The experts say titanium and graphite materials can deliver better durability and keep the club lightweight. However, such options can be a little expensive.

Adjustable Weight

Some fairway woods for women come with an adjustable weight feature. Using a club head with moveable weights can be a good option if you are a professional female golf player. In addition, you can change the angle to achieve better swings.

Adjustable Face Angle

You can choose between a closed clubface, an open clubface, and a square clubface based on your requirements. This is a personal choice of the players, but the face angle can greatly influence the ball’s flight speed.

If you struggle with hitting a slice, go for a fairway wood with the closed clubface. Players who always hook the ball can opt for an open-face angle.


Most utility and hybrid clubs come with shorter shafts to give the players more control and feel like iron. However, in the case of fairway woods, their role is different.

For example, if the wood has a longer shaft, it will produce more distance. As a result, the club head will move at a greater speed. In most fairway wood clubs, you will get shafts made of graphite, which helps to create different flexes and feels lightweight.

Check out our comparison article about senior flex vs. ladies flex.

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Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the fairway woods for ladies.

What Is The Major Difference Between Women’s And Men’s Fairway Woods?

Well, the major difference is the golf club shaft’s length. Looking at the structure, you will find that the clubhead on fairway woods created for men will be a little heavier than the best fairway woods for ladies. However, ladies can also use a longer shaft and men’s fairway woods.

Does A Golf Player Need To Carry Fairway Wood?

Well, not necessarily. In general, fairway woods are designed and developed to attain longer shots from the tee and the fairway’s shorter grass. But, according to the experts, if you are playing a par-3 course, you can take the shot without using a fairway wood.

Why? A fairway wood can be challenging for average ladies golfers to achieve good control. It has also been seen that some prefer to use a long iron or a hybrid club. But they will not offer the distance that a fairway wood can offer.

Do You Need A Fairway Wood Club To Hit Off The Tee?

If the fairway wood you use has a better loft, you will find it easier to hit than the drivers. They may not travel well, but the ball can attain a better speed and distance when hit properly. You can even cover more than 200 yards. If you are looking for a better driver alternative, you can opt for a 2, 3, or 4 fairway wood club.

Is It Important To Buy An Adjustable Fairway Wood?

Well, this is something that varies from one golf player to another. With adjustable wood, you can easily alter the loft, face angle, and lie without using a club fitter’s help. However, some players still prefer to use non-adjustable woods.


Choosing the best fairway wood for ladies is not an easy task. On the other hand, you need to narrow down all the options, which can be confusing and complicated as every fairway wood comes with pros and cons.

However, Cobra has become a front-runner. With their best model for women, the brand has proved they can create a fairway wood to help women improve their gameplay style.

When it comes to achieving a better distance, ball speed, feel, sound and forgiveness, you will never go wrong with Cobra King SpeedZone Fairway Wood clubs. It comes integrated with all the important features; it allows the player to take the best shot.

The users have reported attaining a high launch with this fairway wood. Besides, it is one of the most forgiving fairway woods. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the fairway wood, place the order and get ready to take your golfing skills to a new level.

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