Will ATV Wheels Fit A Golf Cart? (Everything You Need To Know)

I was recently wondering if ATV wheels would fit on my golf cart. I wasn’t sure because they looked so different and big, but I researched and found something interesting.

Popular golf cart brands can fit ATV wheels because they share the 4-on-4 bolt pattern. If you own a standard Golf Cart, 4×110 bolt-patterned wheels will fit your cart.

It turns out that quite a few people have made the switch, and it seems to work pretty well for them!

If you’re thinking of doing the same, here’s what you need to know.

Automobile tire
TIP: You can absolutely use universal wheels like EZ-GO and Yamaha for your golf cart’s wheel. (not so much like what’s in the picture though)

Do ATV To Golf Cart Wheel Adapters Work?

ATV wheels can also go on a golf cart by using an adapter. These adapters change the bolt pattern so you can fit a wheel from one vehicle to another.

These wheel adapters are often designed to fit aftermarket wheels for another vehicle, like an ATV. These adapters often come in a lug- or hub-centric design, with slip-on or bolt-on styles.

These wheel adapters can be custom-built to match a specific golf cart model. However, a stock adapter can help switch wheels from an ATV to a golf cart in most cases.

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Are Golf Cart Wheels Interchangeable?

Yes, but it depends on the brands of golf carts; for example, EZ-GO, Yamaha, and Club Car all share the 4-on-4 bolt pattern.

With that, the wheels are interchangeable between the models. Some of those larger golf carts, like limousine carts, use a five-lug design, which is not considered universal. Remember that the wheel studs can vary between brands, requiring a different lug nut.

Is 4×110 fit on a golf cart?

Yes, 4×110 will be good for your golf cart. Just make sure it’s bolt-patterned.

Finding the correct rim size and tires is important when your golf cart needs new wheels. Otherwise, those tires will not fit properly. The right size tires and rims improve your golf cart’s lifespan and drivability. Many tire rims are made of light materials, such as aluminum or steel.

Are There Different Types of Golf Cart Tires?

While steel is an inexpensive option, it is the most common rim type. Aluminum is more expensive but allows for more customized options. Most golf cart rims measure from 8 to 14 inches and have between 4 and 14 spokes. If you are searching for a “stock” size, many golf carts utilize a 12-inch wheel with a low-profile tire.

All golf cart tires are universal as long as the size fits the rim. However, there are two factors that you will need to know: the rim’s width and diameter. The tire’s height doesn’t matter as long as it clears the golf cart’s fenders.

Since most golf cart wheels are interchangeable, you must know about the tires. Without the right tires, your wheels cannot function correctly.

Golf carts use different types of tires:

  • Course
  • Street
  • Off-road

Choosing the right tires makes a big difference to the drivability of a golf cart.

If your cart is primarily used for the golf course, then look at street or turf tires. These tires have a shallower and softer tread than most tires and will not damage the soft grass on the course. These tires work best with a cart with a positive wheel offset.

Some golf carts travel on regular roads. With that, you need radial tires. These tires have a 90-degree tread pattern that is relative to the road, providing better traction without being too bulky.

If your cart cruises down gravel or dirt roads, then you will need a thicker tire. Off-road tires have wide, grooved treads to give traction on uneven ground and loose gravel. You want to use them if you have a negative wheel offset.

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What Measurements Do You Need To Find the Right Golf Cart Wheels and Tires?

You must have the proper tire dimensions if you want the right wheel for a golf cart. These dimensions can be more complicated to read than those standard wheel sizes. There are even measurement differences between turf tires and off-road tires that we will itemize right now.

  1. The measurements for off-road tires always follow the format AAXAA-AA. The letter A is replaced with the actual number, with the first number referencing the height of the tire.
  2. The second one is the tire width, and the third is the diameter of the rim. If the format is 22×10-12, you would need a tire that is 22″ tall, 10″ thick, with a diameter of 12″. All golf cart tires are measured in inches, not centimeters.

Street, or turf, tires have a different format: BB/BB-BB. With that, the first number stands for the tire’s width (in millimeters), and the second is the ratio of the sidewall to the tire’s width.

The last number is the compatible wheel size for the tire. So, if you have a turf tire with a 215/50-12 measurement, the tire is 215 millimeters wide, has an 8-inch width, and needs a 12-sized tire.

You always want the wheel size to match the tire size, or they could leave you with improperly fitting tires.

Chris M

All golf cart wheel sizes are standard, requiring a certain size of tires. Typically, these carts need an 18-inch tall and 8-inch wide tire.

Once again, specific measurements will be different depending on the make and model of the cart. For example, lifted carts need taller wheels, like a 205/65-10 or a 205/30-14, whereas the shorter carts need smaller wheels, such as a 205/30-12 or a 215/30-12.

Before buying wheels for your cart, make sure to take those measurements. Doing so can save you plenty of headaches when replacing your golf cart’s wheels and tires.

Lifted carts205/65-10
Shorter Carts205/30-12
Golf Cart type and the Measurement of Wheel suitable for it.

Do All Golf Cart Wheels Have The Same Lug Pattern?

Generally, golf cart wheels have a 4-on-4 pattern.

Four evenly spaced holes measure about 4 inches diagonally across the wheel. If you have a lifted cart, they tend to have a taller wheel, while the low-riding carts feature a smaller wheel. These same lug patterns allow you to interchange the wheels between brands.

Plus, it makes it easier to find compatible tires for your cart. You could run into a problem if you have a limousine cart. These models often use a five-lug pattern, making switching between the four-bolt wheels impossible. In those cases, automobile wheels can be used for these specialty carts.

Remember that golf carts are designed for slower speeds on the course. These tires are not intended for any high-speed travel. You should not take the golf cart’s stainless steel or aluminum frames on a highway.

Golf cart
Golf carts should be used in a golf court or a small compound only.

After reaching 25 MPH, the wheel cannot balance, and there will be a noticeable wobble in the steering. Not to mention, it could lead to the vehicle tipping over.


In most cases, yes. Car wheels can be used on golf carts as long as the lug pattern is the same. If the pattern is different, it can bounce at even the slowest speeds. As long as the wheels can fit in the housing and the lug nut patterns are the same, these wheels can be mounted on a golf cart.

If you want to know the Best Tubes For Golf Cart Tires, read my other article by clicking the highlighted words.

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