Are All Golf Driver Tools The Same? (Fully Explained)

When I bought my recent Cobra driver, it came with a driver tool for adjustment. With an adjustable driver, I can make minor changes that might improve my game (assuming I’m any good, lol).

In order to take advantage of this, golfers will need a suitable tool and not just a regular torque wrench. So, are golf driver tools universal, or will you have to buy a new tool for every adjustable driver you have?

Typically, driver tools are not universal, but many brands are interchangeable. However, many wrenches have the same head design and the same torque rating, which means you can use one wrench on different variations of adjustable golf clubs.

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No matter what wrench you’re using, you should be careful when working with adjustable weights. If you strip the weight, it could damage your club. So, here are a few things to keep in mind before just using these wrenches on your current drivers. 

Do All Golf Drivers Use the Same Wrench?

Some brands also offer universal adjustment tools that have multiple bits, ensuring that the tool can be any brand’s product.

To be safe, it’s best to apply minimal pressure when making adjustments.

The majority of golf drivers made after 2013 can use the same type of wrench.

Callaway, Cobra, Mizuno, Nike, Ping, TaylorMade, and Titleist all use wrenches with a torque rating of 40 lbs. These wrenches also share a head design.

You’re more likely to encounter compatibility issues if you’re using an adjustable club or a wrench that was produced prior to 2013.

Some older brands used a different head design, and because of that, they may not fit with newer products.

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Is the TaylorMade Wrench a Torque Wrench?

The FCT Wrench from TaylorMade is a torque wrench. The torque setting of the wrench is 40, making it suitable for most club weights.

The wrench is equipped with a 6-sided bit, making it compatible with both TaylorMade clubs and many other adjustable clubs on the market.

TaylorMade also offers other wrenches, such as their Spider Tour wrench and a 3-prong weight wrench designed for putters.

The FCT Wrench from TaylorMade has been labeled as a universal wrench and can safely be used with most clubs.

Are Ping and Callaway Wrenches the Same?

Ping and Callaway both offer preset torque wrenches for adjustable clubs. Like the TaylorMade wrench, both of these wrenches have a specific torque setting of 40 and a 6-sided head.

The tools from Ping and Callaway aren’t identical, but they are very similar and can be used on clubs from many different brands.

Since there are many similar torque wrench tools for adjustable drivers on the market, buyers may want to focus on the design of the tool when deciding what to buy.

Some adjustable tools, like the one from Ping, have an ergonomic design that’s intended to promote better grip.

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What’s the Best Golf Driver Tool Alternative?

There are alternatives to golf driver tools, but using these tools comes with risks. As an example, hex keys can be used to adjust golf clubs, as can torque heads of the right size.

However, when using these tools, it’s possible to over or under the torque values of the club.

While it isn’t necessary to buy multiple driver tools to adjust your clubs, it’s best to use a wrench that was specifically designed for making adjustments to golf clubs.

Driver tools are made to tighten the screw to the correct amount, but other types of tools won’t have this type of design.

Do Adjustable Drivers Come With a Wrench?

Many adjustable drivers are sold with a wrench, which means buyers won’t have to make any additional purchases.

If a wrench is misplaced or damaged in some way, however, it’s easy to buy a replacement.

Adjustable wrenches tend to be fairly inexpensive, but when you’re investing in golf clubs, it can sometimes be difficult to justify an extra purchase.

If you’d prefer to avoid buying a wrench, look closely at what’s included when you purchase an adjustable driver.

Check to see if the wrench will have to be purchased separately.

Can You Use Any 6-Point Wrench to Adjust Your Club?

Adjustable drivers from most major brands will use a wrench with a 6-point bit. This means that you can use any driver tool with the right type of head to make changes. With that said, if the wrench isn’t designed to be used on golf clubs, you’ll want to be especially careful.

As long as you’re working with a golf wrench, you’ll find that products from most brands are suitable for your needs.

You don’t have to buy a tool that was made by the same brand as your golf club. Just check the head of the wrench to see if it will fit your golf club.

If you have an older club, you’ll need to check to see what type of wrench it’s compatible with.

What Can I Do If I Don’t Have the Right Tool?

Most golf courses have driver tools designed for newer clubs. If you have to make an adjustment to the golf course, you can simply request to use these tools.

These tools are also sold at most stores that carry golf supplies.

Since adjustable clubs are popular, you may also be able to borrow a tool from another golfer.

If you wind up using a tool that wasn’t designed for golf clubs to make adjustments, you’ll want to be very careful about the amount of pressure that you use.

It’s important to keep in mind that using too much pressure could damage your golf club and have a negative impact on your game.


To sum it up, all driver wrenches are not the same, but we can use many of them among different drivers. So whatever you do, just be sure to see if it fits before you just start randomly jamming these tools into screws they do not work for. 

In many instances, you may be able to find a tool that is already in your toolbox to adjust your driver. Adjustments are usually something you will not do very often. So if you can save a few bucks, go for it.  

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