60 Vs. 70-Gram Driver Shaft: Is A 60-Gram Driver Shaft Better?

When shopping around for a new driver, you will constantly be bombarded with marketing jargon telling you that each tiny adjustment will greatly improve your game, but how much of it is true? 

What is the real difference between a 60-gram and a 70-gram driver shaft?

When it comes to driver shaft weight, there are some real truths to those claims, and you will notice major differences immediately. 

Let’s look at the specifics to decide what will be right for you!

60-Gram Vs. 70-Gram Driver Shaft

Even though it can seem like a relatively minor aspect of the club, a few things are affected by driver shaft weight.

Essentially, it all comes down to speed and control. Lighter shafts move more quickly with the same amount of force, but they are more difficult to control, whereas heavier shafts have a naturally slower swing speed that allows for more precision and accuracy in your swing.

These two elements have knock-on effects that can influence everything from distance to shot dispersion.

Let’s try and break down what you can expect in different aspects of your game with these driver shaft weights.

 60-Gram Driver Shaft70-Gram Driver Shaft
Swing SpeedFaster swing speed with the same effort.Slower swing speed with the same effort.
ControlSwing feels less controlled.Swing feels more controlled.
Accuracy and PrecisionSwing accuracy and precision are lower.Swing accuracy and precision are higher.
Shot DispersionHigher shot dispersion for most golfers.Lower shot dispersion for most golfers.
DistanceIt can achieve greater distance with speed and more carry distance, but accuracy and shot dispersion may counteract this.Although speed is lower, many golfers achieve longer total distances because of high accuracy.
Launch HeightHigher launch height for maximum carry distanceLower launch height for the greater total distance
BackspinCreates more spin.Creates less spin.
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High Launch Vs. Low Launch Driver

When looking at the different driver shaft weight options, the terms “high launch” and “low launch” will probably appear quite often. So, is the shaft weight what makes a driver either high or low launch? Not by itself.

If you’re unfamiliar with the terminology: a high launch driver is designed to give extra height to your shots, whereas a low launch driver naturally reduces the arc your ball takes in the air. 

Generally speaking, the higher the ball travels in the air, the greater the carry distance, but accuracy and total distance tend to be lower.

The weight of your driver shaft is closely linked to the launch height – but it is not the only factor involved. Heavier driver shafts tend to be combined with a high kick point and less flexibility in a low launch driver, whereas lighter driver shafts that are more flexible and have a lower kick point will give you a high launch driver.

This means that the weight of your driver shaft alone will not necessarily be the final word in the height of your drive. A 60-gram shaft might give you greater height, but the flexibility and kick point of the driver will also need to be taken into account.

When Is A 60-Gram Driver Shaft Better?

60 gram driver shaft

Getting your swing speed up is one of the biggest challenges for many golfers, and a lighter driver shaft weight can help in this department. 

Many beginners, juniors, and seniors prefer a lighter driver shaft because it enables them to put more power into their shots and see more height and distance without requiring much effort.

However, it’s not a benefit in every regard. While the lighter 60-gram driver shaft is easier to generate speed with, it is also more difficult to control. Therefore it is likely to hurt your accuracy and shot dispersion. 

This can mean you’re not getting as much distance as you should – if you cannot connect precisely.

It’s important to note that a 60-gram driver shaft is far from the lightest on the market. It’s quite a good middle ground for most people, as it benefits from some level of control while giving you extra swing speed.

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When Is A 70-Gram Diver Shaft Better?

70 gram driver shaft

A slightly heavier driver shaft may be the way to go if you are relatively confident in your swing speed and want to gain more control over your shots. 

It will be easier to get consistency in your game and allows you to maximize your swing mechanics.

Because a heavier 70-gram driver shaft gives less natural speed to your swing, it is generally beneficial for golfers with a high swing speed already. 

More experienced golfers will get more distance with a heavier driver shaft – due to consistency and precision rather than speed.

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Are Heavier Driver Shafts More Expensive?

Do you need to worry about the cost when choosing between these two shaft weights?

Generally speaking: no.

When it comes to the price, there is very little difference between clubs with a 60-gram or a 70-gram driver shaft. Other aspects of the club will affect the cost rather than the shaft weight.

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Summary: 60 Vs. 70-Gram Driver Shaft

What are the differences between a 60-gram and a 70-gram driver shaft? Well, it’s mostly about speed and control, but these two aspects of your swing will also greatly affect the rest of your game.

A 60-gram driver shaft will allow you to generate more swing speed and carry distance, but a 70-gram driver shaft will typically give you more accuracy and consistency – and total distance to your shot.

For most golfers, a 60-gram driver shaft is a good balance, giving a fast swing with relative control. If you want to fine-tune your swing and start connecting with more accurate, direct shots, then a 70-gram driver shaft might be for you.

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